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RiDaku said:
Over the past few months it's passed hands several times, almost reminiscent of the ancient days in 2011-2012 where Musical Thrones was its own genre of roleplay

implying this wasn't the absolute golden era of runescape roleplay
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RiDaku said:

King Jacob Delvar has been deposed of his throne. Since the tag-team takedown of the white dragon Volon, Jeoffrey Halvorsson has kept a close eye on Asgarnia to see how this novice Kandar noble handled a kingdom. The result is quite obvious - Rebellions from the day-one coronation, with the kingdom ready to collapse more and more every day, action must be taken and so it has been.

The Kandar-named region of Eastmarch and Sarimia are occupied, lead and guided by his allies, and clever manipulation of Jacob has resulted in all Imperial forces being marched from their posts and in to Kinshra-occupied territories, leaving no Kandar-loyal militia left behind to contest the coup.

Several things to clear up:

- "All" of the Imperial army did not march towards Blackmarch. That's silly. A fair majority have remained in both Eastmarch and Sarim

- After being the turn of events that occured in that province, said forces were turned around to return to their garrisons.

- They, during the rise of Jeoffrey to power, are likely to simply march straight through his land, taking their original route. If you intend to stop them, that can be arranged through RP. If not, they arrive at their destinations.

- Troops still linger heavily in Eastmarch and Sarimia. As well as Empire aligned trade ships and fleets. If you want to address those, we can hook up RP for it.

Sorry for the confusion xo, please hit up my DMs for further inquiries

Emperor Axel Vekon the Redeemer, of the Holy Kandarin Empire.


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When Aeyla returns from her leave, she is an angry woman. After much negotiation, she agrees to be captain again under the new king. With a higher wage, of course.

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The journey had been long but by the goddess' grace they've arrived. Having come so far, much was alien to her yet many remain the same. The cold bit through her bones, always being a constant reminder more than anything that she yet lives. She casts her eyes towards the gates of the grand city of Falador barely a longbow shot's away. Perhaps one and a half in the case of some of her sisters...

Her next steps were forced. Home should indeed be in her thoughts but for a much different reason. Regardless, she sets forward for the gates clutching her coat to herself and the humble bundle tucked securely in her arms ever silent as always. In one clutched hand was also a simple letter that read:

To His Majesty King Jeoffrey Halvorsson,

I humbly introduce myself as Yllieth with my son Elahn both born and raised in the groves of Isafdar. I've taken the decision to leave our homeland out of my desire to seek a better life for my one and only child in accordance to his late father's wishes and that of my own. It is here that I pledge to follow your kingdom's laws and strive to be an honest and ideal citizen willing to offer her service as an experienced forest ranger.

All with your blessing and my sincerest gratitude.

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letter from The Arc

Dear King Halvorsson,

As discussed at the gathering, I would like to discuss the issue of our missing diplomat.

Therefore, please come at your earliest to the Arc’s hub (Furnace building in Falador).



(Councillor of The Arc)

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As Duchess of Sarim, it is my royal decree that all criminals at sea, commanding or serving (or intending to serve) upon a seaworthy ship, shall be granted safe harbor and trade within the Port of Sarim. All crimes, no matter how heinous, shall be forgiven and all past slights overlooked on grounds that,

I: Chiefly, they take an oath to their God that they shall repent and repeat none of their crimes while within the hallowed borders of Asgarnia. For the sake of their immortal souls, the Duchess will grant them mercy.

II: Any who would continue to captain their vessel officially announce their intent to serve as privateers of the Asgarnian Navy.

-Ashley Gremoire, Duchess of Sarim

Are we made to serve the law, or is the law made to serve us? Which is lawful in thine eyes? To do good, or to do evil? To save life, or destroy it? And for those who do evil, what redemption is there? What is forgiveness, if it is reserved only for those without sin? Does it not say that the love of Saradomin is ever-forgiving? Mercy is there, for those who seek mercy. Be merciful, as he is merciful, and forgive those who beg forgiveness. What merit is there in loving those who already love you? Even sinners can boast to this. Rather, love those who are your enemies, and do good to them. Give, without expectation, and your reward shall be great.

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•¤†¤••¤†¤•¤†¤••¤†¤•¤†¤••¤†¤•¤†¤•Asgarnian Announcement•¤†¤•¤†¤••¤†¤•¤†¤••¤†¤•¤†¤••¤†¤•

At long last, the agreed deal between Asgarnia, Forinthry, and Tirannwn has come. The imports from Lletya have arrived, teleported in by threes to Falador Square, transported on wagons, lead by a single envoy and three guards. Several rounds of these were teleported in to Falador, each trundling their cart up in to the castle and then leaving empty. The crates were opened, the comparatively-worthless trade goods removed, the false bottoms opened and the armaments taken. Asgarnia has received a swathe of crystal weaponry used and re-sung from the Great Divide and the Elven Civil War. In exchange, Tirannwn and Forinthry have received unique Dwarven schematics and ore promissory notes equivalent to the worth of nearly 10M gold, to be delivered over time as recompense for the arms, in a 70-30 split.

Over the course of the next 5 days, Asgarnia's military will be familiarizing itself with these weapons in secret.

The True Asgarnia -
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