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Here's the rundown; my boy Derrick Valus has accidentally fragmented himself across dimensions through a portal in his workshop. He has gathered a group of adventurers to venture across various realities to collect himself, and how this is done varies each time.

Now, what makes this different from other plots is that the GM is different every time. Assuming I get enough interest, we'll have the next GM elected through in-game votes or by volunteer. What your RP will be about is entirely up to you with one caveat; your objective is to find the fragment of the inventor man. How you go about this is also up to you; you could use it to promote a hypothetical situation for your character that involves him, or he could be some evil dictator in another world you have to fight. The possibilities are endless. The RP changes hands every week and you can interact between yourself and the former GM to form a continuity, or just start over from scratch.

Likewise, times will be decided by whoever's in charge for that RP.

HOWEVER, I'm not going to put forth any effort unless I know for a fact I have people who are going to participate; no more plot ideas put at the wayside by lack of interest. If you're willing to participate and intend on doing so, leave a comment saying as such.
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