Act of Aggression

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I'm going to give this letter the IC acknowledgement that it should receive, instead of stupid OOC bickering.

From Varrock, Lord Tommen had received word of the incident due to one of the Calderon-heirs passing through. He squinted as he read a copy of the parchment, a tad bit confused, but none the less concerned.

The behavior of the Void Knights would be brought to the attention of the crown-princess in-light of the Queen's,mack's vacation, absence.

"Why would a Burthorpian Officer be in Falador? Why would the Void Knights be so stupid? Why hasn't the crown removed the announcement from public eye? Temple Knights... I'm banging one and that old captain -- uh, uh -- Sir Logan, he rode horses, he did something super-secret for the White Knights or something, I bet that's connected.


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