Great Green Uprising

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i demand you stop this instant i do not recall giving you premission to impede upon my land with your entire army of goblins honestly do you have no repsec for my player base we will all have you know and i say this on behalf of all of the members of our wonderful comunity that we will not stand for this you know as well as i that all angatonism needs to be done from within the member playter base and nothing else you need to understand that if we as the heros do not have the 100% bictory condition in all of your plots then it is void because we canot allow the bad guys to win EVER so take a few steps back or else you will have to be blcakisted.

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26-Nov-2017 21:05:10

Pop Art

Pop Art

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Kandarin's super secret spy network caught wind of the goblins. The Southern Fleet rolled into the coastal waters of around the Feldip Hills and encircled the peninsula. They unleashed a hailstorm of artillery from their decks, showering the jungles with lead and fire. Kandarin is now open to new partnerships with foreign lumber companies and fur traders.

Kandar Victa

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26-Nov-2017 21:14:11

Pesky Goblin
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Pesky Goblin

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The Jungles of Feldip hills over the passing days would slowly start to develop a thin fog around the ground level, making it rather difficult to see anything 3 foot tall or below with clarity, especially at a distance. Meanwhile the undead presence in the area would be in gradual decline.
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