Any oldies still around?

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Hello all of you!

I remember one fine morning in February 2011 (2012? I've lost count of how many years ago it was) I stumbled upon my first RP encounter in World 42.

Does anyone remember Russia's Ardougne? Eden Syvian's Yanille? The From Dawn to Dusk clan?

It'd be awesome to reconnect and speak about our memories of the good old times.

I've had a few usernames, including Ella_500, Ellamay Niet, Natura, MintyElla, QueenElla, etc.

Sorry if this isn't allowed, let me know and I will remove it!

29-Jan-2019 01:37:23

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I remember you, but I don't think we ever roleplayed. I was around for some versions of Eden's Yanille, including his Monvallis (which was basically Taverley/Burthorpe); at that point, I was known as Eziak. I also had a character named Arthfael.

Anyway, nice seeing you around again. :)
Hi, I'm Dan.

29-Jan-2019 22:42:18

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