The White Knights of Falador

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The White Knights of Falador

Welcome to the Kingdom of Asgarnia’s finest order of knights – The White Knights of Falador! Founded nearly a decade ago by the pioneer of White Knight roleplaying, Sir Tain Def, the order has seen many events over the course of world 42’s history. Serving under the grace of the King Vallance, and Grandmaster of the Order Sir Amik Varze, the White Knights are considered the protectors of Asgarnia making their home in Falador’s castle while spanning across the entire world of men.


Clan Chat: The White Knights

Founded: April 13, 2010 (Officially)

Motto: Perseverance in honor brings invariable order.

Main Timezone: EST (GMT-5)

How to Apply

• Membership is a must. This is a W42-based clan.

• Joining the clan isn't required but guesting especially during events is highly encouraged.

• Starting out as a squire is mandatory only to new members who are also relatively new to W.K roleplay or roleplay in general while optional for everyone else.

• New applicants with prior White Knight experience from other recognized W.K groups can be accepted as a knight but only with an Initiate rank at maximum.

• The quest "Wanted!" is mandatory for characters applying for Initiate and above.

-For returning/former members:

* An interview is to be expected to verify his/her past history and identity with the clan. Failing this, he/she will only be allowed the squire or Initiate rank.

* He/she can have their ranks restored once the officers confirm him/her instead of starting over if they so choose. However, only the maximum rank of Lieutenant can be given until the returning member has proven to be fit for captaincy and above.


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Post 2:
Table of Contents

[Key P1/P4 = Page 1/Post 4]

P1/P1: Thread Intro
P1/P2: Table of Contents
P1/P3: Brief History of The White Knights
P1/P4: White Knight Ranks and Classes
P1/P5: White Knight Enlisted Uniforms
P1/P6: White Knight White Knight Officer and Other Uniforms
P1/P7: The Squire Program
P1/P8: Rank Responsibilities
P1/P9: The Rules of Succession
P1/P10: Specialization Tasks

P2/P1: White Knight Yearly Salaries
P2/P2: Allies/Affiliates and other Diplomatic Relations
P2/P3: Clan Rules
P2/P4: Rights/Responsibilities
P2/P5: White Knight Application
P2/P6: Awards
P2/P7: The Knight of the Month
P2/P8: Current Roster
P2/P9: Holdings and Places of Interest
P2/P10: Credits

P3/P1-10: News Bulletin


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Post 3:
Brief History of The White Knights

When Asgarnia was founded by King Raddallin, the White Knights pledged their allegiance to him. The White Knights played a vital role in the foundation of Asgarnia, expanding borders and defending the land from hostile races such as goblins. As thanks for their service, King Raddallin built them a castle in his new capital city of Falador. The castle still stands to this day and serves as the White Knights headquarters.

Some generations after the death of King Raddallin, our good King Vallance was coronated King of Asgarnia. The White Knights continued to serve the nation, until, sadly, King Vallance fell ill. With the disability of the King, Sir Amik Varze was appointed to manage the kingdom of Asgarnia due to the chosen separation of Crown Prince Anlaf. Sir Amik is the Grand Master of the White Knights and has governed Asgarnia in Vallance’s place for nearly a decade.

Asgarnia has seen drastic changes long after such time yet the White Knights stand proud alongside her ruling monarchy bound by duty, faith, and honor. With outposts and detachments all across her lands, the White Knights are ever stalwart in their mission to safeguard Asgarnia from threats both from beyond her borders and within.


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Post 4:
White Knight Ranks and Classes


The ranks in the White Knights (based on those used by the NPCs) are as followed:


•Squire (Recruit)

•White Knight Initiate (Corporal)

•White Knight Proselyte (Sergeant)

•White Knight Acolyte (Lieutenant)

•White Knight Partisan (Captain)


*White Knight Lieutenant (General)

•White Knight Captain (Coordinator)

•White Knight Commander (Deputy) Owner)

At the rank of Initiate+, it is strongly recommended to add the prefix ‘Sir/Dame’ in front of your display name or purchase the 'Sir/Dame' title from the loyalty shop.


Knights may choose between different combat classes to fit their characters.

•Crusader: Crusaders are often well-built, physically strong melee users. Warriors form the backbone of the order and is almost always present in any operation. They use white melee weapons such as swords, halberds, axes, and maces. Warriors wear full plate.

•Sage: Sages are the magical division of the order. Their plethora of spells have proven to be invaluable in various situations from offensive, defensive and support. Mages use air staves and wear platebodies and plateskirts, but no helmet so as to focus on everything around them.

•Ranger: Rangers are the long-reaching arm of the order, and deliver Saradomin's justice from great distances. They have been specially trained with the bow and arrow to be a devastating force to any who would threaten the Order or their interests. Rangers wield Saradomin bows or steel javelins with square shields, and wear a chainbody, plateskirt and med helm.

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Post 5:
White Knight Uniforms

Each class has its own mandatory Standard Uniform. Each uniform is listed below. Do note that default clothing from Thessalia’s shop is referenced many times.

• (F)Retro Kebbitskin Cowl / (M) Retro Lumberer's Tunic = (Moonlight Mead)
• Studded leather chaps
• Leather gloves and boots = (Any dark color)
• Any backpack item such as Ava’s Device/Rambler’s Backpack/Skilling Backpack
• Any Steel weapons/an unpowered staff
• Iron med Helm

White Knight Crusader:
•White Full Helm
•White Platebody
•White Platelegs
•White Gloves and Boots
•Any White weapons

White Knight Sage:
•No helm
•White platebody
•White Plateskirt
•White Gloves and Boots
•Air or water battlestaff/ Wizard or Avernic wand/ Off-Hand Steel Dagger or Steel Defender

White Knight Ranger
•White Med Helm
•White Chainbody
•White Plateskirt
•White Gloves and Boots
•Saradomin bow/ Steel Javelin/ steel crossbow/ Square shield


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Formal Uniform All Ranks (excluding squires):
*White Full Helm
•White Platebody
•Clan Cloak
•White Platelegs
*White Gloves and Boots
*White Sword

Unarmoured All Ranks (excluding squires):
•(F) Retro Kebbitskin Cowl (M) Retro Meshed Crew Neck
Initiate: Red Scar
Proselyte: Battered Bronze
Acolyte: Tropical Green
Partisan: Corroded rune blue
• (F) Retro mage's divided skirt (Spun string) (M) Retro cut-off pantaloons (Spun string)
• Monk shoes (Oubliette Black)
•Holy Symbol (optional)


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Post 7:
The Squire Program

All squires are mandated to undergo and successfully pass the squire program before they are permitted to undergo a knighting ceremony. Each squire is assigned a mentor to assist them in their training. After completing their squire exam, all required training sessions, and a field exam, squires become eligible for knighting.

The training sessions will be carried out by the specialization masters. Among the categories that host training sessions will offer are combat, survival, medic, and scribe courses. A squire must be able to pass these said courses in order to progress.

The squire field exam will be the final test before knighting. The squire will be taken into the wilderness by the officers, and eventually left to their own devices. Their responses to various situations will be observed and they will be graded according to their performance.

A squire must also take a test concerning clan history and lore. The following questions may be present on any squire exam, as well as other questions, all answers will be found on this thread. A score of 7/10 is required for passing. If failed, the exam can be retaken in the next possible period.


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Post 8:
Rank Responsibilities

Squire: Squires are the workhorses of the order tending to every need of their White Knight mentors until they learn what it means to be a White Knight of Falador. Squires often work around the castle and tend to stay out of combat unless necessary.

Initiate: Initiates are the backbone of the military order. They are often the front-line soldiers who see the most combat action.

Proselyte: Proselytes are more experienced than initiates. They command a small squad of lower enlisted knights. A knight may start mentoring a squire at this rank.

* Acolyte: Acolytes are very experienced in both combat and strategy. They are trusted with leading small groups of proselytes and initiates.

Partisan: Partisans are the most experienced of enlisted knights. They are masters on and off the battlefield in charge of training and commanding lower ranked knights.

Lieutenant: Lieutenants are the lowest ranking officers. They take command and planning over smaller missions and assist higher officers. They are also the lowest of the knight ranks to have the power to review and accept applications.

Captain: Captains work together to run the chapter. They do everything from organization to commanding battles in place of the commander. They are usually entrusted a fort and a company under their command.

* Commander:The Commander is in charge of supervising and running the chapter.

---Honorary Members: This particular title are given to past members who continue to contribute to the chapter in vital ways. They could be guests among the inner circle and also provide insight on the chapter's historical matters and help reintroduce returning members.


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Post 9:
The Rules of Succession

The Inner Circle

The commander and the captains form the inner circle of the chapter. It is through them that the major and most private decisions of the chapter and the clan as a whole are made. Thus, it is only vital that these positions are always held with active members.

For Commanders

Should the event that the commander of the chapter has to vacate his/her position, the following will be the guidelines in determining the successor:

• It is the commander's responsibility to have a candidate among the active captains at the ready. The said candidate must be approved by the council of captains before being elevated to the former's position.
• Should the solution above fails and the current commander goes inactive, the remaining captains are to hold a meeting of succession preceded by the Head Scribe to vote for the next likely candidate.

For Captains

As one of the core elements of the chapter's leadership, the rank of captain can only be achieved through direct appointment by inner circle members.

• The commander can directly grant a lieutenant captaincy should the need for another captain arises.
• The existing captains can also call for a vote among the circle should a lieutenant is deemed worthy for the position.
• Like the commander, it is the duty of each captain to have a designated lieutenant always at the ready to represent or succeed him/her. The captain has the freedom to handpick which lieutenant he/she would take as an adjutant.
• A captain's selected adjutant can fill in for his/her captain's position at an inner circle's meeting with permission from the captain or commander.


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Post 10:
Specialization Tasks

There are certain optional specialization tasks knights may take on while on or off the battlefield. These tasks offer no benefits to the knights outside of the specified field. Tasks include...

Chefs:: prepare food for their section. They work alongside the quartermaster to ensure rations never run low.

Field Medics:: are specially trained in medical techniques.
• Evangeline Varsillas

Chaplains/Clerics: are the spiritual pillars of the chapter. They oversee blessings, rituals, holy ceremonies, etc.
• Head: Thomas Godwine

Drill Instructors:: carry out the training of squires and newly inducted knights. Some may also provide special training.
• Head: Sir Alexander Loynn

Scribes:: document the history of the order and track knights and their progressions.
• Head: Ingrid Lorne

Armourers:: help the knights in the order keep their armour well-maintained and operational.
* Romus Legatious

Castellan: maintain the chapter's citadel and other holdings. (OOC role)
• Tabby Verox (Vallancia)
• Ashley James (Falador Castle)

More to be implemented...

If you wish to apply for a task, fill out the small app below (you may also talk in-game):

Character Name:
OOC and IC experience in field:


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