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House Calderon

Honor et Virtus

Three horsemen rode to the boundaries of Paterdomus; these men clearly originated from the Calderon-held farmland that lingered only a few tens of miles away. Their origin was made apparent by their crimson red cloaks which bore the ancient sigil of House Calderon: the white oak.

The apparent leader of these men dismounted, his meticulously cleaned, though well used boots clicking against the cobblestone; his right hand rested atop the pommel of his mithril arming song, the left occupied by a single, well folded, piece of parchment sealed with the Calderon stamp. It would be delivered to one of the soldiers with clear instructions for it to reach Captain Anthon.

The men would hold their ground until a response was delivered to them.

Captain Anthon,

It would seem that my mage, Servus, managed to intercept you and your men in Canifis, or so he tells me; though I must admit that his condition makes him most cryptic at times. Considering that you are still alive, he came to your aid.

I will loan you Servus and the men that delivered this letter. Sir Antony Pullo, the leader of the men before you, served most notably during the Liberation of Southern Asgarnia and the Liberation of the North and Southern Gates of Falador during the Great Siege; they carry sil*'thril armaments and holy-water.

I don't enjoy writing, it's meticulous and often defeats many opportunities for me to travel, so I will keep this brief: If you require anything else, please, do have Sir Antony convey those requests to me directly... I will ensure that you're well taken care off.

Tommen Calderon
The First of His Name
Lord of House Calderon
Count of Vaterra
the Former Vicar of Asgarnia to Emperor Varis III
the Former Grand Marshal of the Imperial Guard."

24-Apr-2016 05:16:10

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