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CrocoNuts said:
RiDaku said:
wow king alynore sure did last a long time

What are you reaching for here? From what I understand he was never going to be king in the first place, but to have a role of Regent/Protector. Did he drop this?

No, Haz is just handling the thread.
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A messenger carrying a badge emblazoned with the royal crest of Misthalin arrives in the White Square of Falador with an envelope. Accompanied by a guardsman, the man makes his way down the cobblestone road and towards the castle; arriving at the portcullis, assumably he would state and provide identification as a messenger from King Nicholas' court. In delicate and feminine penmanship, the letter is addressed to the new Asgarnian government...

His Excellency, Jonathon Valence, Lord Regent of Asgarnia, and advisors,

His Majesty has received word of the declaration of your new government and wishes you success in your endeavor to restore order and unity to the Asgarnian realm. He wishes to let this letter fulfill his promise to endorse your government as legitimate in the eyes of the Crown of Misthalin, so that the friendship which we intended to establish can exist between our state and yours. Long should there be solidarity in purpose between the future histories of our realms, so it shall be His Majesty's hope.

His Majesty looks forward to further correspondence between your government and his court, as well as summits between him and yourself to strengthen the alliance we have endeavored to establish between our two realms.

With regards,
Secretary to His Majesty, Nicholas, by the Grace of Saradomin, King of Misthalin,
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Applications to this point have been accepted.

Our first event will be happening Saturday, 23rd of June. See more information on the front page or the discord.

That's not to say it will be our first roleplay - whenever you feel like it, you can do it!
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