Why do you RP?

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Tomb Gorilla

Tomb Gorilla

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Wow, this is all so deep.

I started RP because it was kinda a family thing (my dad used to play D&D and I did it for a while too). Then I found RuneScape and payed it for about a year or so and got membership. I then proceeded to explore as much as I could and do as many quests as I could. And I thought "Ohh, this game has a cool setting, I wonder if there's an RP community,". So I ventured to the RP forums and then I found you guys <3

Anyways, that's kinda irrelevant. I RP now because I get to become this awesome warrior person that kills stuff and I get to 'live' in this medieval world with monsters and magic and stuff.
Am not Conor

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