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Application for Citizenship

Character Name: Serov Ryskäl
Race: Human.
Religious Views: None.
Occupation: Engineer.
Appearance: Serov stands at a solid 6'1½" with a thick graying beard and long yet fairly well kept hair upon his head. His person is generally devoid of scars with the exception of his hands which suffer from years of manual labor and tinkering.
Personality: Serov is quite the stoical type. Certainly talkative and is not afraid to offer his two cents whether it is appreciated or not.
Biography: Born in Miscellenia, Serov began working in his father's silversmith shop where he would later go on to enlist under the current ruler's regime. A rising star on the battlefield and in commanding, he quickly ascended to his position as "High commander" at the early age of thirty-four. With a growing interest in tactical prowess he left the, at the time, peaceful island community to seek out employment with the island nation of Karamja. With an endorsement from his previous position at his back, he found himself in the position of General of the Karamjan Defense Forces. In addition to this position, he worked on the side planning numerous successful military campaigns for many different nations. As war slowly coming less and less he found himself with plenty of extra time. This extra time lead his ingenuity to rise and thus his engineering prowess becoming known to himself. These advancements turned the heads of many nation leaders, affording Serov large amounts of coin over the years. At his now current age of fifty-four, he finds himself looking for appropriate time "investment" opportunities, he supposes that Burthorpe may do well to house him for the coming months. (Shortened for forum posting.)

Joining or Guesting in the CC?: Guesting for now.

Dimitri V | Serov Ryskäl | Human | Engineer
"Good maps make good plans."

30-Jul-2017 21:31:15

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