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She was in pursuit of the elf with the amulet too, though how a human wizard not affiliated with the elven group could have found out about this or who employed her was completely beyond them. After their exchange the human ran off, not wanting to waste any more time or answer any questions. The group slowly advanced east, heading in the direction of an open field. They debated which footprints to follow - an older set or the bounty hunter's muddy bootprints. As they came to a decision it would turn out not to matter, as every one of them heard an extremely loud sound and saw a flash as if lightening had struck, accompanied by an almighty thundercrack - but the sky was clear tonight, and the flash had come from a clearing on the other side of the field, directly northeast of them.

Elias was first to clear the field and sprint into the clearing, him and the rest of the group hearing another thundercrack come from just beyond the trees and then the bounty hunter's telltale accent shouting before going silent. As Elias managed to sprint in first he saw an elf clad in bright green and the bounty hunter sat leaning against a tree, her whole body smoking as if she'd been struck by lightening. The second the elf noticed him she waved her hand and he was blasted backward off his feet and right out of the clearing, slamming into the approaching group launched by a frighteningly powerful telekinetic grab.
Deare ran in backed by two other partymembers, his two scimitars ready to strike the elf as his companion - a human mage - leaped up and climbed the branches of a nearby tree, throwing her sword down at the elf who sidestepped it and waved her hand again using the powerful telekinetic grab to simply bat deare away with impressive ease. This allowed time for a drop down from the tree followed by a swift punch to the gut from the human mage, distracting the powerful elf arcanist for but a moment before she raised her hand and formed a barrier.

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The elf called for the fighting to stop, telling the group that they could do no harm to her whilst she possessed the amulet. She explained to them her reasoning for stealing it from the Uwchfeistr, the justification for such a crime being that the weapons and artefacts throughout Hynafiaid and under the lock and key of the Amddiffinnwyr were not being put to use that would benefit the elves and protect them from harm. Several groupmembers pointed out that having such powerful weapons would lead only to death on both sides, elven and foreign, but the thief was convinced, despite clear flaws in her logic. She attempted to teleport away for the timebeing, but as she did so Elysee attempted to stop her using one of her own prayers.

The flake of crystal in Elysee's front pocket - the one she had found earlier - glowed and hummed and she found her own powers bolstered to an absurd degree despite the fact that she was only in possession of a tiny fragment of the crystal amulet. The teleport spell failed and the elf was pulled forward by a telekinetic grab cast by one of the humans who then reached out and yanked the amulet from her neck, using the distraction and Elysee's surprisingly powerful magic dampening abilities to get past the elf's barrier.
Staring at the party of rather angry fellow Amddiffinnwyr soldiers, the now amulet-less elf turned and bolted, screaming apologies and that she was only a recruit as Deare gave chase, her confidence evaporated entirely without the amulet around her neck. Deare eventually stopped his pursuit, the partymembers feeling rather sorry for the fleeing elf. As everyone considered their next move and Elias approached the almost unconscious Cassiddy the party's mage - the one who had taken the amulet from the elf - slipped back into the trees as no-one was paying attention and bolted, the group's goal held tight in her hand.

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Elias looked up from tending Cassiddy's wounds only to find that one member was missing as he did a headcount. Soon everyone realised what had happened and they decided to give chase after the mage who had betrayed them rather than report back to Uwchfeistr Undomer empty handed and incur the fury that would absolutely come with news of failure. It was going to be a long night.

Back at her keep, the Uwchfeistr slid her dark iron sabre into its scabbard, pushing the front gate open and walking outside. Despite confidence in her soldiers she could not rest knowing an undomer family heirloom was somewhere out there being used so improperly. She sighed and set out west, her breath misting in the cold night air."

-Summary for Monday 7/8/17's RP event

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Hot Sawse

Hot Sawse

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Character Name: Jyllaanya Cadarn

Age (Please note we do not really have any official system for aging elves, and accept that it seems to be different for all elves): 187

Race (Elves are generally advised for the nature of this RP, with exceptions): Elf

Sector of RP (Civilian, Amddiffynnwr Uchel or Noble/Royal): Noble

Religion: Follower

Physical Description:

Personality: Jyll has a calm and collected exterior, but on the inside, a nervous, uncontrolled intensity in the mind, trying to figure things out, how to improve everything, analyzing and thinking. She has a constant drive to improve and perfect, this can lead to extreme pickiness and finickiest. Her motives are pure and honest never malicious.

- Analytical
- Creative
- Observant
- Reliable
- Precise

- Skeptical
- Fussy
- Inflexible
- Cold
- Interfering

Backstory: Losing their parents early on, Jyll put her own needs aside to see to the upbringing of her younger brother Dai.

Tue-moi (PaperDoll)/Jyllaanya Cadarn/187/Elf/Noble
Wait...I'm confused...

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