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Magus sent a letter downstairs to the Archmage. Unusual considering he could have walked? Perhaps. Regardless, unlike some other letters Magus had sent this one did not bear the seal of the Runecrafting Guild but rather an older seal of The Coalition from the first wizard war.


I have heard rumor that you have blocked Pyrus, a friend and trusted ally of mine, from the Tower. I must insist that you lift this ban immediately and allow him to be assigned, with his consent, a more fitting master to apprentice to. Additionally, you will need to restore his access to his room.

It escapes me why Pyrus has not moved past the rank of apprentice and I would recommend he be fully reinstated if not granted the rank of Master. Pyrus has fought alongside the finest wizards the Tower has produced. He aided in the location and killing The Kornesian and defended the tower when the Ordo attacked it. He has contributed more to the Tower and Gielinor than most of our masters. Our students would be served well by his experience.

You know where to find me if you have further questions.
Magus Concendo

13-Jan-2019 23:26:57

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