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Lord Pyro I
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Lord Pyro I

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To all the acknowledged rulers of Gielinor

The Kingdom of Misthalin is formally inviting you to attend the coronation of King James the Second. Together we can make this a turning point not just in the history of this Kingdom but for the whole we will build together.

Date: 09/03/2019
Time: 9PM Game time
Location: In front of Varrock Palace
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28-Feb-2019 19:54:27

Tomb Gorilla
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Tomb Gorilla

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Name: Carsen Baines

Age: 38

Race: Human

Currently living: Less than most people.

Position Wanted: Master

Magical Skill: Offensive elemental magicks, Ancient magicks (more specifically: blood magicks).

A Little About: You will no doubt recognise my name. I have been a member of and an advocate for the Tower for a long time. I was born and raised not far west of Varrock. There is nothing more of interest in my childhood. I have studied magic from a wealth of different sources.

As you read above, I am proficient in some controversial forms of magic. I want to assure you that I will not be practicing these on the grounds of the Tower without your permission.

Am not Conor

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Into the mailbox of the Tower, a letter would be delivered on behalf of the Countess of Draynor. Sealed with a red wax seal stamped with a little pair of wings on it, the envelope would contain the following letter for Tesla Aren:

¦Í _________________________
_________________________ ̦

To the Archmage Tesla Aren,

Recovered after all those busy meetings? Well I hope you are not shy of holding another one with me soon about the use I have in mind for the local energy rift. Some local unemployed people have recently expressed interest in learning the art of divination and to make it their profession for self-sustain and personal growth. That is, how I presented it to them. I do not have the means to teach these people myself.

I was hoping that the Wizards’ Tower would extend a hand in helping this project come to a success. Your wizards will be required to teach locals, simple as that. I’ll be willing to talk about compensating the wizards for their time but I can’t make a promise on that notion at this moment. Draynor however will gladly provide materials to make a small camp to accommodate the Wizards with shelter and nutritional supplies plus the promise to make a few low budget expenses for costs of teaching materials should the Tower require so.

Overal I hope this project will not only give some people of Draynor the chance to get an exciting new profession but also help promote the Tower’s reputation in being the pinnacle of magical education across Gielinor.

I hope to hear from you soon,

Daisy Lavelle, Countess of Draynor
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14-Mar-2019 17:28:21

Ovi the Aren
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Ovi the Aren

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The door of Daisy's home would be knocked, upon opening whoever would find a deep blue letter stuck lightly against the door. Upon opening the following chicken scratch would be listed in common.

Dear Countess Daisy Lavelle and to whom it may concern,
I would be more than happy to endorse the growth of our communities in magical means and I'm assured you know that divination is extremely potent with the products it produces from divine energy. Entire starving communities could let go of famine with the multiplicative properties it gives to raw food stuffs.

Please do come and visit me here soon, this has me excited.

Archmage Tesla Aren the Green
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-Howl Aren

14-Mar-2019 22:03:15

Ovi the Aren
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Ovi the Aren

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A letter would be sent out to all known wizards and court mages across the realm concerning the wizards tower and its interests.

"To whom it may concern,
The Wizards Tower has been put on a strict lock-down due to a current dilemma on premises. A letter will be sent out once the tower is open to the public once again. Have a lovely day.


Archmage Tesla Aren the Green."
"You never know what kind of man you'll be until the end."

-Howl Aren

15-Mar-2019 07:38:30

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