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Considering rejoining the realm of 42 but I don’t wanna buy mems unless there’s actually stuff going on, ya feel me? That said, what, if anything, is active these days? |
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15-Oct-2017 16:04:33

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Well, I can't speak for everyone, but there are three (Relatively) highly active groups that I know of personally - the Myreque (which I run), The Swordpoint Coalition (which has a lot of people, 20+ judging by their discord) which is active quite commonly. Swordpoint's a mercenary group so there's quite the mix of content there. And there's finally Hynafield, which is elven rp! Currently run by Merca, if that means anything to ya.

Swordpoint's got a lot of active members and a discord chat (which helps the liveliness of the group), and they normally have a lot of people on at once, so...I'd say there's activity!
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15-Oct-2017 20:11:51

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