The Philosopher's Stone

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Outside the gate of Falador, Matthew would lift the last of the crates onto the caravan, wiping a bead of sweat from his forehead with his sleeve, giving off a heavy sigh. "Right that's the last of it" he'd say, walking around the caravan he'd approach the caravan horse, a beautiful pure white stallion, it lowered its head to him and he'd stroke it slowly, then matthew would give a nice gentle pat on the side of its neck. "time to head back home girl, good work today". He'd climb up onto the caravan and grab hold of the reins. He'd give them a gentle whip and the horse trotted off, pulling the caravan along with it.

The caravan would have headed south, a short ride to a quaint and new building, north of rimmington. Matthew brought the caravan to a stop, hopping off. Matthew released the horse and guided it to the stables "good girl. you must be tired now, get some rest". He'd walk up to the building, spotting two men looking up at it; matthew jogged on up to them "hey i'm back, and i've brought some goods too, we got enough to get this place off to a good start i think!".
The two men, cid and karl, turned around, waving to matthew and welcoming him as he ran over, joining them in admiration of the tavern they put so much work into making a reality.
Matthew stared in awe at it "i can't believe it's finally done!". Cid patted him on the shoulder and gave him a proud smile "yup, we can finally open up our lil' piece of heaven"
Karl nodded to the two, clasping his hands together, firmly rubbing them as he walked to the door "alright! I'll get back to tending the bar, Matthew, you take the supplies down from the caravan, and Cid, get to work on the billboard, a few finishing touches to do and this tavern is ready for the world!"
They'd all run off, matthew heading back to his caravan, Cid and Karl heading inside.

"The philosophers stone". This is the mark of the end of a great story for three men. Now it can be the beginning of many more stories to come.

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Welcome to the Philosophers stone!

The philosophers stone, three retired adventurers vision (and my own) of a tavern, a guild and a haven where any and all would be accepted and treated equally and fairly, in times of war, in times poverty, in times of peace, the doors are open to all, regardless of faction/affiliation/religion and race. A vision that has been made a reality.

Tavern: It's a tavern! What can I say? We serve food and drink from all corners of the world, at the moment however, we sell mainly asgarnian and Misthalin dishes and drinks for the Philosophers stone is set up North of rimmington, so these two kingdoms are the most easily accessible. We do intend to use our caravans and potentially the ports in the future to diversify and strengthen our menu. No fighting in here though, we say we accept all, but, what we do not accept, is fighting in the tavern, or even too close to it, even if two people happen to be, say, black knight and white knight, it for the field. This is a place of good company and good ale.

Adventurer's guild and billboard: It's an adventurers guild! What this means is, besides being a tavern, we support...adventure! This is a place where adventurers can settle down, take a break, organise an adventure with their companions and form parties. We also have a billboard, people post their issues to us, we put them on the billboard, and anyone can take them and complete the jobs for a reward. These can range from deliveries, to mercenary work, bounty hunts. You name it.

Caravans: our caravans are used to trade around the continent to supply the tavern with a diverse range of supplies. However, these caravans may also serve as a form of transport for adventurers and others.

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Rules and information regarding managment and open times.

The philosophers stone is currently only run by me oocly, icly, it's run by three ex adventurers, Matthew, Karl and Cid. Being run by one person ooc though, I obviously won't always be around to keep it open icly, but that doesn't matter, Matthew, Karl and Cid will be around most of the time ic, so, since this is freestyle and all, you can still show up at any time and freestyle your heart out, drink, eat, share tales, enjoy the music (we are totally getting a musician), I'll probably do the same too sometimes since I have other characters as well. Let all your worries get lifted away in the Philosophers stone. Bring some friends and just rp any time, or, show up, if no ones there, try and get some freestyle going?
Regardless of it being open 24/7, based on my personal memories of freestyle tavern roleplay, I'd say somewhere between 8-12 pm greenwich meantime and after are probably the best times.

Icly the philosophers stone is just north of rimmington, oocly, we've landscaled the jolly boar (it's totally the best tavern)

OOC Rules

I'd write these down, but you know them and i don't think i have enough room in this post, godmodding, meta gaming, mixing ooc and ic etc.. Big no nos.

However I do have one rule that comes to mind as i first write this thread. if taking a billboard job/quest, please write it down in the thread so we and any one else knows its been taken.

IC Rules

No fighting on tavern/guild grounds

No stealing. If you're poor, take a job from the billboard, earn some coin. If you can't pay, say, you're an orphan, we will probably give discounts and freebies. we're nice :)

More to come probably...i actually can't think of many...

Another side note, if you want to work here, you can apply, but it doesn't really matter. This is meant to encourage freestyle, so you can rofl a worker if you want. If you really want to apply, it's preferable we do it ic.

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Karl Harvey
Cid Austin
Matthew Baron
Argen Howe: Musician

Regions for trading and supplies


Caravan destinations for travellers (fee depending on distance)

Port Sarim
Taverly and Burthorpe (they're basically one town come on)

Current Number of billboard quests/jobs

Menu (will be filled in at a later date, page 2 will be entirely reserved for the fact that if we have food from all over runescape...this is a pretty big menu...and then thats not including the extra meals and drinks we'll be creating based on combinations of recipes and ingredients from around the continent)

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Billboard Quests and jobs

NPC posted jobs

Job 1

Name: Anonymous

Location: Edgeville

Job: the philosophers stone received a bounty poster for their billboard from an anonymous source. It simply appeared on the bar one day. A bounty detailing necromancer sightings in the edgeville dungeon as well as an increased level of undead activity. However, there is no proof whether or not this bounty is true, no sign of where it came from, the level of danger involved or the reward, if any. Thus, the philosophers stone dictate that rather than collect the bounty, anyone who wishes to take this job must simply investigate and report back so we can update the billboard to a more detailed standard. The job is strictly to confirm whether or not the necromancer is real; without knowing the full story behind this job we cannot provide any details on the danger and it would be tragic if someone were to not return from the journey.

Difficulty, threat and danger: Unknown

Reward: Unknown

Job 2

Name: Simon

Location: Port Sarim to Seer's village

Job: HELP WANTED. My name is Simon Paard, a travelling merchant; however I do odd jobs here and there, like delivery, which is related to the trouble I'm in now. I was travelling to Port Sarim for a delivery when I was attacked on the road by bandits, they stole my horse, most of my wares, my money, almost everything. Luckily I managed to reach Port Sarim for my delivery and have been paid a small sum of money. The issue I have now is I have no caravan, no horse, nearly no goods for trade and a single delivery to a man who wishes to meet me in Seer's village. This delivery will pay me enough to get back on track but I'll need help getting their by foot, body guards of sorts, I can't currently afford any other method of transport. I will pay for any help provided.

Difficulty, threat and danger: The greatest difficulty is the distance, danger is uncertain.

Reward: 200 gold

Player character posted jobs

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Billboard Quests and jobs.

NPC posted Jobs

Job 3

Name: Patrick Higgins

Location: Lumbridge

Job: My name is Patrick Higgins, I'm a farmer. But I'm old, I'm slow, I'm weak, my joints themselves are wearing out. My son would always help me out on the farm, he worked hard, he wishes to take over one day. However, my son, he met a beautiful woman, the girl of his dreams. They've gotten married and have headed off to have some time together in a more romantic setting. He didn't want to leave me alone, but I told him to get away from the farm for once, with the person he loved. Admittedly I need him here now, I can't manage the farm all by myself, not at the moment anyway. I simply seek aid, the more the merrier! Help out at my farm for a week, longer work means more payment but a week is all I ask, it won't be long till my son returns and a week should be a long enough break for me anyway.

Difficulty: It really depends, jobs will be given based on what you seem best at.

Reward: 500 gold for one week as well as accommodation and food.

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Billboard job application (post the jobs you want someone to take care of with this template)

Player Name:

Character Name:

Location details: (not required, for characters who spend most of their time in a certain location, their business and city would be helpful, but if the jobs from a traveler for example, the location isn't needed, or, the location of where they are headed or came from can be used)

Job/issue and, if needed, it's backstory:
(you can do any kind of job application, delivery? hunt? mercenary recruitment? bounty hunt? Needs helpers for your shop or business? Bigger plots maybe? Whatever comes to your imagination) (think of this bit like a character backstory in a character app, if you want as well, detailed, maybe long, creative etc.)

Difficulty, threat and danger: (may be edited depending on a takers failure or changes to the setting (i.e., if someone needs a person to clear out a bandit camp and the camp has moved or if they have suddenly lost or gained members, if they've gained new equipment, etc.) ) (threat and danger applies to the jobs that could harmfully effect their takers and the nearby area. The threat refers to if, left unattended, how threatening the situation is to an area or person or group. The danger applies to how dangerous it is for the person, or people, taking it)

Reward: (usually payment in money, but other rewards can be offered as well, a harder difficulty would probably expect a higher reward, with some exceptions)

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Spare posts from here to the end of the second page will be used for possible further additions to the philosophers stone as well as additions to the ever expanding menu. They may also be used for more billboard quest and job lists, but i shouldn't expect it will come down to that.

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