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I've decided to get back into Runescape as a whole, whether I come back to RP is unclear, but I do have an opinion on this. (It doesn't matter to me if anyone cares about my opinion, but why not just say it?)

To me, creating a public roleplay sphere supporting and embracing Jagex canon is a very honorable venture as it rids the "lorebreak" aspects from much of the roleplays. It really allows people to have carefree roleplays without having power-hungry rulers who try to tear others down, the roleplay leadership feeding their egos. (I have personally experienced this one a few occasions as a victim and perpetrator) Having POKs often adds to the drama in the communities as leaders often want to be the strongest, but that's not what roleplay should be about; it should be about the content, the stories, and the players having a good time. Because of this, I SUPPORT this idea and initiative.

On a side note, I will find a way to assassinate the rulers... King Roald (I think that's the King of Varrock) shall perish!

Again, I support!

~ Salvyn
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29-Aug-2019 00:27:08

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