The Asgarnian Realm

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Lord Pyro I said:
KDF-Serov said:
Dim / Serov Ryskäl / Valengale military advisor

During the rule of Jacob Delvar, rule of Galewood and House Valengale were returned to their original owner and all changes made by a certain regent who overstayed his welcome were reversed.

In other words: Your character was fired as military adviser (which is how you spell that) in any version of the current canon.

I- uh. Don't know what you're talking about but, alrighty.
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07-Feb-2019 21:39:48



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Under the cover of night a fleet of fifty-six ships set off from the ports of Karamja to amass on the island's northeastern coasts. Once they neared their rendezvous position the fleet went dark, sails raised, and anchors dropped. Come dawn the fleet was brought to full sail once more, the fastest ships of the fleet were sent out front, making their way to intercept any ships in the waters between Karamja and Asgarnia. The primary group of the heaviest ships made to secure both ends of the western Asgarnia waterways, forming a blockade. Any Asgarnian military or civilian ships that were caught in the blockade would have the choice to drop anchor until permitted to pass or be engaged, any non-Asgarnian ships were left unhindered and allowed to traverse the waters freely. Captains of the leading ships of each detachment were equipped with a commorb in order to be relayed orders from the mainland as updates were made available to them.

The 56 ship fleet was detailed as follows:
-4 shield-wall ships
-15 clippers
-5 corvettes
-10 bombard ships
-10 Pallas-class frigates
-10 galleons
-1 Man o' war
-1 Cutter.

The blockades being made up of a staggered and randomly ordered line of bombards, frigates, galleons, and shield wall ships.
The escorts and chase ships consisted of clippers, and corvettes.
The single Man o' war and cutter are both designated as support ships; the cutter is to be used to relay information, while the Man o' war will assist in quelling enemy ships should friendlies be against unsafe odds.


Hit Buppy or I up if you want to fight back or interact regarding this in any way. We'll make another post or reach out to set up a meeting or somethin' in the near future to discuss reasoning and terms for relinquishment.
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25-Feb-2019 17:32:06

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