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The following is a preliminary survey intended to examine and collect opinions on several topics surrounding RSRP. At its basis, we may be able to form a general consensus on a topic. Ideally, this will help us understand each other and their motivations in RSRP.

You will find the questions below. Choose a single answer that aligns closest with your opinion. If prompted, you are able to choose multiple answers.

Answer in the following format: number:letter. A visual example would be 1:b

Disclaimer: bait or name drops will not be tolerated. This is not a discussion thread. If you would like to discuss one or more of the topics of the thread, feel free to make a thread named “Re: Survey”. Be critically constructive in your comments.
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1) What is your stance on blacklisting?
a) It’s wrong, there should be no blacklists
b) It should be changed so it blacklists a character, not a person or group
c) They’re fine as they are

2) What is your stance on world antagonism?
a) There should be random world antagonism
b) There should be reasonably justified world antagonism (i.e: plotline not for conquering for conquering’s sake)
c) World antagonism isn’t necessary, if a group wants it they can make it for themselves

3) How long should invaders give warning to a group before an attack?
a) 24 hours
b) 48 hours
c) A week
d) Time’s irrelevant, it needs to be discussed with the group

4) If the invaders of a POK are ignored, what should happen?
a) Nothing
b) Takeover of a small portion of land
c) Takeover of the entire land

5) What are your feelings toward the wiki?
a) I like it and we should use it more often
b) I like it but I don’t mind not using it
c) I don’t like it because it’s off-site
d) I don’t like it because I don’t think we need it

6) How would you feel if the current ‘History of’ pages on the wiki were archived in favour of a new system?
a) I like it, there’s a lot of gaps so it’s messy as is
b) I don’t like it, it devalues the achievements etc of previous characters
c) I don’t care

7) How would you feel if time was standardised (e.g: 1 OoC month = 1 IC year)?
a) I like it, timeskips cause many complexities and inconsistencies
b) I don’t like it, I’d rather have the autonomy to dictate my own time
c) I don’t care, it’s not important to me

8) Would you consider a POK that only shares its RPs internally a public group?
a) Yes, technically speaking a POK is a public group
b) No, ‘invite only’ is against what it means to be a public group
c) Exclusivity/’invite only’ is okay for certain events
d) I don’t care

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9) Does announcement of an RP make it lose ‘freelance’ status?
a) Yes, you’re telling them it’s happening
b) No, if it’s still external to any large-scale groups
c) Not sure

10) Some races have no place in public RP. Agree? (you can choose more than one answer).
a) Agree, especially Customs
b) Agree, especially powerful ones like Mahjarrat
c) Somewhat, powerful races can be used in public group’s RP plots
d) No, roleplayers are allowed to do what they want

11) What is your stance on POKs? (you can choose more than one answer)
a) I like them, I like noble and royalty RP
b) I like them, as long as they offer varying types of RP
c) I don’t like them, especially because they primarily do noble and royal RP
d) I don’t like them, we should have NPC rulers
e) We have too many POKs for our population
f) There should be a POK for every location feasible

12) How would you feel if there was a temporary revision of space – the community would be in one continent/region only?
a) I like it, it promotes interaction
b) I don’t like it, we wouldn’t get along
c) I don’t like it, I’d rather be able to do my own thing – it limits my RP
d) I don’t care for POKs

13) Which clans/RP groups would you like to see more of? (you can choose more than one answer)
a) POKs
b) Military orders
c) Religious orders
d) Historical RPs
e) Guilds
f) Simple peasant RPs
g) Other (please elaborate)
h) I’m satisfied with the variety as is

Additional comments – if you were asked to elaborate or would like to expand on one of your answers, feel free to here:
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Additional comment:

Regarding question 12 I want to brag a bit. Morytania has recently been brought under one big clan instead of all the smaller ones competing and I must say the activity is through the roof, the interaction is always fun and I we already have a few plots starting up. We're very very pleased with the result!
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Deus Khaine

Deus Khaine

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1: b
I was around back in the day when blacklists could be on clan threads, names open to the public for all to read. While it accomplished the purpose of ''lookout, this fella's not someone you want to be around'' it also had the tradeoff of sticking someone with a bad rep if they made one bad mistake, and harder to improve one's image.

I notice some players get extremely attached to some characters, and would be more likely to be disruptive nuisance (read: screw the general rules of getting along in public rp) on the characters they liked a lot than the ones they didn't focus on quite so much. Limiting blacklisting to the characters where the troublemaking was done can certainly work out. The player is less attached, and less likely to let their emotions type out their actions rather than their head.

2: b
3: d* (see below)
4: c** (see wayyyyy below)
5: b
6: c
7: a
8: b
9: b
10: a, a, a and a.
11: b and f
12: a
13: a, b, c, d, e, f, g (I’m not a picky fellow)

Additional Comments
*If the invaders have tried contacting a group yet are continually ignored or the topic not discussed, I prefer that they be able to declare a 48-hour countdown so that groups don’t just try ignoring potential conflict indefinitely.
**This assumes that the invaders are not being ignored for outstanding infractions of the general guidelines players adhere to in public roleplay, ie the leader or several members are still insisting on disruptive, downright awful roleplaying behavior, but rather being ignored to try and avoid conflict.

Edit: I also approve of the general idea behind this thread.

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1: b
2: a or b
3: b
4: b
5: a
6: c
7: b
8: b
9: b
10: a, b
11: b, e
12: eehhhhh
13: c, e, g(fantasy)

Additional comments
If you're ignoring invaders, it's easy to assume the person doing so simply wants to hold on to their pixels and won't risk losing them.
As for blacklisting, not wanting to acknowledge a person's character because it's outright silly and custom is one thing; they should know that their boundaries are private RP. There is also reason if a random guy thinks his mahjarrat can blow up your city with a meteor storm, sure. But other than that, they are unnecessary.

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