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Howdy, maybe I can help you with that, I run a fun, active, and social role-playing clan that revolves around being an adventurer and doing quests called The Quest Collective. Add me in game and i can give you more detail!
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Hi there! There are plenty of roleplay groups and clans that are always open to new players! I myself run the Misthalin thread (the one with the fancy boarder around it!), and can confidently say that we’re stocked with veterans of the community who would love to roleplay and interact with new people!

The best part of 42 is that very few roleplays are mutually exclusive. Even if you join one clan, it’s often the case that you won’t be locked out of roleplaying with other groups (nowadays, most groups don’t usually have a host clan in game anymore).

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me in game! While I’ll be mostly away until Monday, I can try to help ease you into the community as much as possible!

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