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The Void Knights are the military of the Guthixian druids, fighting to keep the world that Guthix brought us balanced. Originating in Falador during the Third Age, they continued on until the edicts of Guthix were established, exiling all the Gods from Gielinor. With balance restored, the Void Knights were disbanded.

In the year 15 of the fifth age, a Saradominist and a pirate by the name of Dracs Melrose dreamed of Guthix warning him that in the near future, a threat to balance would come, and Guthix orderded him to act and reform the Void Knights. Not quite loyal to Saradomin, he abandoned his faith in the year 20 and began reforming the Void Knights in the name of Guthix, his edicts, and balance.

78 years later in the year 98, the pious Saradominist king of Asgarnia expelled the Void Knights from Falador to Taverly, limiting their influence and power and weakening them slightly. Preparations continued as normal until the year 146 when reports of attacks in the southern sea were learnt of. The current leader at the time, Admiral Boyce Khael ordered outposts to be established on the uninhabited islands of the southern sea near the pests islands. After several years, in the year 169, the lair of the pest queen was discovered and was slain by the alliance of Void Knights, White Knights, and the Kinshra, but the pests have not been defeated yet, and a new pest queen will rise.

After the death of Guthix and the absence of an Admiral, a unknown captain was nominated as admiral by Commodore Tyr (who soon resigned) in the year 6 of the sixth age. Admiral Corvin, timid on the outside but fierce in the inside, will lead the knights into victory against the pests in the south and the threats in the north.

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The admiral is the leader of the Void Knights and decides everything along with the advice from the commodore and captains. All decisions go through to them.

The commodore is the second-in-command and succeeds the admiral in resignation or death. The role of commodore is appointed by the admiral. The commodore is trusted and can make some decisions without consent from the admiral. The commodore commands the captain.

The captains (namely 2) control and command the knights. They are appointed by either the admiral or commodore.

The commanders control and command the squires and sometimes the knights. They are appointed by the commodore and sometimes the captains.

The knights fight for the Void Knights and are trained squires, usually confirmed by the commodore. They can take on squires

Squires are the lowest rank and are trained by their knights and sometimes the commanders. The squire is the only rank able to be applied for by a person.

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Admiral Corvin, Leader of the Void Knights (Kicsl)
AGE : - 38 (year 138 of the Fifth Age)
RACE : - Human
GOD OF CHOICE : - Guthixian teachings

Mason Collier, Squire of the Void Knights (Serov Ryskal)
AGE : - 26
RACE : - Human
GOD OF CHOICE : - Godless

NAME : - Erick
AGE : - 35
RACE : - Human
GOD OF CHOICE : - Godless with Guthixian beliefs

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NAME : -
AGE : - 18+ (in character)
RACE : - Must be human.
GOD OF CHOICE : - Must follow Guthix's teachings or be Godless.

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Interesting. Nice to see a new Void Knight group - already a bit different from the 'accepted continuity' (the last few incarnations expanded on each other, really; essentially it was envisioned that the Void Knights were in a very sorry state) because we typically use the Admiral as an NPC, so I'm keen to see what direction this will take.

Best of luck, man.
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Character app:

NAME : - Mason Collier.
AGE : - 26
RACE : - Human
GOD OF CHOICE : - Godless.

On another note, if it interests you I'd like to have my Karamjan trader come to the outpost at some point to discuss the possibility of Karamja selling some supplies to the Void Knight's outpost.
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