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Stelly Rose

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I'll add you to the list!

Also, everyone! I...completely forgot what day it was yesterday. :l I'm so sorry! I'll shuffle things around and we'll try again for the Sleep Talking event soon.

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Hi! I'm new to the in-game RP aspect of Runescape, and I'm excited to get started as soon as possible. I'm in EST, but I'll be on by 3 PM EST (or 8 PM BST) at the latest (and probably before then), since it looks like Sleep Talking and other weekly events start at 4 PM EST / 9 PM BST.

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A letter arrived at the desk of the King

To His Majesty, Evander the Boundless, King of Misthalin and most Noble Defender of Saradomin's Domains from the Wrath of Morytania.

Warm greetings to you and your country, Majesty. Burthorpe and Misthalin have long since been neighbours, yet no formal ties have been made. I believe that it is of great interest for the both of us that these ancient states extend their hands across the banks of the Lum to renew old friendships.

The King of Burthorpe invites you and your ministers to our country for discussion and negotiation, in order to assure the prosperity of both our nations. I implore you to consider this offer and be received by myself and His Majesty, King Baldwin I.


Kaeso Del'Vair III, 2nd Marquess of Vairton and Lord Chancellor of the Kingdom of Burthorpe
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