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Name: Hair of the Dog
Owner: Vladimir
Location: Canifis

Description: Mortyania's top and only tavern.

Wares: Alcohol, Raw Meat
Supplier: Itself as a brewery, hunting and the Meat Emporium
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Name: Lagunov
Head: Demois Lagunov
Land owned: A small plantation in the haunted woods to the northeast of Darkmeyer and south of Port Phasmatys
Description: A human house located in Morytania that once owned a Spider Silk and Hollow Tree plantation. Founded before the Vyres took over Hallowvale, the Lagunovs have lasted throughout the centuries through the slave trade in exchange for protection from tithes and the slums of Meiyerditch. The last Matriarch, Hazel Lagunov, has been absent in the past few years and now the burden of keeping the family together.

Dylanxdd2/Demois Lagunov/32/Bodyguard/CST/PST
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The Spiders Call

Viggoras Folly has been in somewhat of an uproar as its new inhabitants got adjusted and prepared for something big. Letters have been sent out to all major houses in canifis, inviting them to the tower on behest of the Skalovs, who promised a banquet of some sort.

Time: Friday the 12th
Where: Slayer tower, first floor
Who: Noble houses and the people in them

First event!

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