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Role-Player said:
Kandarin Stu said:
Role-Player said:
Kandarin Stu said:
You're an internet issue.

says lady internet issue

Whit you chatting about you chump?

i dinnnae understand yaer accent

You wanting a scuffle?
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An Item Mule

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An Ill Omen

Alexander performed his nightly ritual before he retired for the evening. He bathed, trimmed his beard, polished his armour, and sharpened his sword, but during the entirety of his chores, he could not shake the feeling that he was being watched.

He shrugged off the notion, albeit foolishly, as he tucked himself into bed. Pulling up the covers, he extinguished the candle on his nightstand before witnessing a small blur of motion in the corner near the door. He sat there in the darkness, the only sound being his steady breath, his chest rising and falling smoothly. He again shrugged it off, putting it off to him just seeing things in the dark. Laying down after fluffing his pillow, he closed his eyes and quickly, almost too quickly, felt himself loose consciousness.

He was no longer in Camelot Castle, but again in a familiar void. He quickly stood, assuming a guarded stance, raising his fists in self defense, assuming he could defend himself. As he did in the vision with Thaylon and Group, he began to walk forward, feeling ***** without his armour, or a weapon.

A voice. The same one he had heard before.

"Hello, Little Knight. I thought I'd stop by again." Said the booming voice, coming from everywhere, but nowhere.

"G-get out of my head!" Alexander stammered, frightened. He was alone this time, and lacked the support of Raegal and Aveline.

"You know I can't do that. You owe me a ring!" The Voice exclaimed.

Alexander took a deep, ragged breath, nodding. He had promised, after all. "But who are you? Why?" He asked once more, and as before, the voice did not give him the answer he wanted.

"Tsk tsk. Little Knight, do you not learn? It's time for you to wake up. You owe me a ring."

Suddenly, movement. An eight foot tall hulking giant of a Knight appeared out of the blackness, swinging a large sword at Alexander.

He screamed as he was decapitated. He screamed as he sat up in bed, sweat dripping down his face.
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