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In a world where a greater evil lurks around every corner, heroes must stand ever vigilant against the rising tides of new threats. The Initiative is a loosely formed organization focused on distributing information to those willing to help the cause. If you are an able bodied adventure of any repute, great or not, then heed the call. The common men and woman of Gielinor are counting on folk like you to stand stalwart against the unebbing flow of threats that loom over the kingdoms.

The goal of the Initiative is to present a platform with which players of all backgrounds and experience can easily create and enjoy wholesome, original roleplay content. Quick reference posts are available for creature types, encounter types, equipment stats and difficulty tiers. These are here only as a guide and can be freely modified by each individual party as they see fit, though any modifications are welcome to be posted as rule variations for the community to explore and try out. In time, Campaigns will be added so that players can create encounters that not only affect the immediate storyline they are participating in but also impact a greater, more open storyline contributed to by all that choose to participate.
There are more than just combat style encounters, so players are welcome and encouraged to seek alternate resolutions to encounters.

A note on difficulty Tiers

Difficulty tiers do not solely reflect a player's skill and the skill of the enemies they face, higher tier encounters are meant to be challenging and grueling than low tier encounters. Tiers are also designed so that if a player out gears another in a specific encounter they will have an advantage, but not be invincible.

Step 1) Roll a d100 and consult the encounter table

Encounter types:
Rescue: 1-10
Defense: 11-20
Retrieval: 21-30
Escort: 31-40
Eliminate: 41-50
Sabotage: 51-60
Spy: 61-70
Assassinate: 71-80
Capture: 81-90
Interrogate: 91-100

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Step 2) Each character rolls a d100 for creature type.

Creature types:

Goblins: 1-5
Skeletons: 6-10
Ghosts: 11-15
Zombies: 16-20
Spiders: 21-25
Lesser Demons: 25-27
Mages: 28-30
Mercenaries: 31-33
Barbarians: 34-36
Bandits: 37-40
Elementals: 44-45
Trolls: 46-50
Giants: 51-55
Chromatic Dragons: 56-57
Wolves: 58-60
Bears: 61-65
Metallic Dragons: 66-67
Greater Demons: 68-70
Black Demons: 71-72
Zamorakian Mages: 73-80
Ghouls: 81-85
Feral Vampyres: 86-90
Werewolves: 91-95
Necromancers: 96-100

Step 3) Each player rolls 1d4 for creature counts.

Step 4) Roll 1d4 to determine difficulty tier.

Step 5) Consult relevant monster info.

BASIC Player Information

In the basic ruleset all stats are streamlined for ease of use.

Base HP

Tier 1: 15
Tier 2: 40
Tier 3: 100
Tier 4: WIP

Armor Values

Special note for shields: If using a shield the player will get additional defenze die equal to one handed weapons.

Tier 1
Iron: +10 HP
Steel:+20 HP
Mithril and above: +30 HP

Tier 2
Steel and below: +20 HP
Mithril: +30 HP
Adamant: +40 HP
Rune and above: +50 HP

Tier 3
Adamant and below: +40 HP
Rune: +50
Orikalkum and above +60

Weapon damage

In Tier 1 mithril equipment and above deal double damage. In Tier 2 Mithril and above will deal double damage. In Tier 3 Orikalkum and above gain +5 to attack and damage rolls.

For Magic In Tier 1 bolt spells gain +2 to attack and damage rolls.
In Tier 2 Bolt and below receive a -2 penalty to attack and damage rolls while Wave and Surge receive a +5 to attack and damage rolls.
In Tier 3 Blast and below receive no penalty or bonus while Wave receives a +2 to attack and damage and Surge receives a +5 to attack and damage.

1H: 1d6
2H: 2d6
1H: 2d6
2H: 4d6
1H: 1d12+3
2H: 1d20+5

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Melee players can exchange an attack for a trip and follow up next turn with a coup de gras.

Ranged and magic have +2 to hit per Tier


Rangers can target limbs for special effects.
Head: 2x damage
Arms: -2 to hit/Tier
Legs: -1 to movement -2 to defense/Tier
Torso: Ranger get +2 to hit/Tier

Tier 1
1H C-bow: 1d4
2H C-bow: 1d8
Bow: 1d8
Tier 2
1H C-bow: 2d4
2H C-bow: 2d8
Bow: 2d8
Tier 3
1H C-Bow: 1d8+4
2H C-Bow: 1d20+5
Bow: 2d10+5


Tier 1
Staff: 1d10
Books and wands: 1d4
Tier 2
Staff: 2d10
Books and wands: 2d4
Tier 3
Staff: 4d6+5
Books and wands: 1d12+2

Magic and Ranged Defense allows for tumbing, 3 squares per turn, only one roll required.

Spell Mechanics
Strikes deal single target damage
Bolts penetrate 1 square in a straight line.
Blasts hit four adjacent squares in a + or X pattern
Waves hit two rows three wide
Surges hit a 3x3 square

Air magic grants swiftness, allowing a single move action after casting.
Water magic creates a puddle on affected squares, when paired with earth magic, enemy movement is restricted in affected squares.
Earth magic staggers, taking one action from enemies.
Fire magic scorches, leaving 1d4 fire damage per turn on affected squares. (x2 per tier)

Ancient Magicks

Rush penetrates two squares in a straight line.
Burst affects a cone 3 deep (1 square then 2 rows of 3)
Blitz affects four adjacent squares in a + or X pattern
Barrage affects a 3x3 square

Smoke decreases accuracy by -2/tier in affected squares for 2 turns.
Shadow reduces damage of affected enemies by -2/tier for 2 turns
Blood spells heal caster for 1/2 damage dealt to a single target.
Ice magic freezes affected enemies for 1 turn +2/tier

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Monster Information

Goblins rarely fight alone, where there is one, there are bound to be more.
Low Tier (Tier 1)
Creature Multiplier: 1x
Base Health: 10 HP
Attack rolls: 1d12
Damage rolls: 1d4 (1-handed) or 1d6 (2-Handed)
Defense rolls: 1d12

Mid Tier (Tier 2)
Creature Multiplier: 2x
Base HP: 20
Attack rolls: 2d8
Damage rolls: 2d4 or 2d6
Defense rolls: 2d8

High Tier (Tier 3)
Creature Multiplier:3x
Base HP: 40
Attack rolls: 3d6
Damage rolls: 3d4 or 3d6
Defense rolls: 3d6

Legendary (Tier 4)
Work In Progress

Skeletons are versatile undead, they can be weak or strong, depending on who or what raised them. Be careful, there is a good chance that if you encounter these there may be a necromancer or Lich nearby.

SPECIAL EFFECT: Roll a d100 if skeletons are selected, in T1 75-90 spawns a necromancer and 91-100 spawns a Lich. In T2, 50-75 spawns a necromancer and 76-100 spawns a Lich. In T3 Skeletons are accompanied by a Necromancer, a 50 or above spawns a Lich.

Low Tier
Creature Multiplier: 1x
Base HP: 15
Attack rolls: 2d6
Damage rolls: 1d6 (1H) or 2d6 (2H)
Defense rolls: 2d6

Mid Tier
Creature Multiplier: 2x
Base HP: 25
Attack rolls: 3d6
Damage rolls: 2d6 or 4d6
Defense rolls: 3d6

High Tier
Creature Multiplier: 3x
Base HP: 50
Attack Rolls: 1d20
Damage rolls: 1d20 or 1d20+10
Defense rolls: 1d20



Note: Please bear with me on the progress of this thread, there is a lot of information to transcribe and even more to design and process.

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