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Character name: Pierre 'Karaffe' Courgette

Race: Human

Age: Estimated mid-thirties

Function wanted: Knight

Motivation for joining: (In-character) Pierre wants a better, fairer Asgarnia than under the White Knights and thus, fighting with the Kinshra is a means to an end for (hopefully) achieving this purpose.

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On this cold Wintumber night, the pattern of muffled boots and clamoring metal shuffled through the forests below Ice Mountain and ventured northward towards the Black Knights' Fortress. Shadows seen in glimpses through the treeline could be seen one by one as soldiers marched along, clad in armor black as night, illuminated only by a series of torches.

A single man led this long column, his helm and armor different from the rest. Much more light and flexible. Halting his column of men-at-arms along the bridge to the Fortress, the helm was slid off the leader's head and his hand hailed the guardsman at the gates.


Lord Cedran Malleus is returning to the Kinshra, bringing the men-at-arms of House Malleus and Wickslay to bolster the ranks of the Kinshra forces. In addition, what revenue could be saved from goblins raids at the Malleus estates and Lion's Den was forfeited to the fortress treasury.
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