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Mod Meadows

Mod Meadows

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I have moved this over to the
Community Home
forum now, as all Community based discords will now be placed in there. :)

Mod Meadows.
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18-Apr-2018 14:14:10

Kayte Cat
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Kayte Cat

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As a member of the runehub discord, i definitely can say that they work hard on bringing together a lot of the aspects of runescape. I attended one of the hide n seek events and it was fun trying to compete with the others and there are events for everyone so there is 0 reason for not liking them! check them out :-)
Pm me if you wanna learn about raids or learn a role!

19-Apr-2018 04:30:44

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As a member of the staff team, I can safely say this is one of the
friendliest communities
you could be apart of related to runescape. The server itself is active with helpful/supportive members and a wholesome feeling to it. There are weekly events and occasional giveaways/drop parties too!

There's a wide range of useful information here including other
runescape related discords, experienced players/moderators, events, social activities and many more!
Come and check us out :)
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As a fairly new member to this server, I'll say it stood out instantly. A
well rounded community
full of
helpful & kind members
who are all extremely sociable and friendly.

Found the entire server to be friendly, and everyone seems dedicated to making new members feel welcome within the discord, hosting
weekly events
, offering active chats & a staff team that seems to be constantly working on improving the discord as much as they can based on the suggestions of members.

Honestly one of the
friendliest discord server communities
i've joined in the last year, and would highly recommend it to anyone.:)

~ Nightrise
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uires A First Step"

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