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- Clearer established rule set, that has a prominent place on the forums.
Agree, to an extent.

- Easier to find ‘Forum help’ (the number of threads asking where it is, is rediculous).
Again, support. It'd be nice if a button to FH were somewhere permanent and 1-click away.

- Harsher / more immediate punishments for rule breaking.
Support. I think the Fmods should be given some leeway in determining "context" of a situation. If it's obvious somebody is trolling (especially consistently and maliciously so, across spans of time), then they need to be thoroughly disciplined, while a "forum noob" could simply have their behavior corrected.

- More J mod / Cm activity. We barely see you on here.
Can never go wrong here, but the issue is finding Jmods who forum voluntarily.

- ‘Light theme’ Honestly the current dark them can be a strain on the eyes.
I don't know if there are enough active forumers to warrant the dev time on this, but maybe if activity got higher it could work.

- Integrated social media, ties into more mod activity, highlights what’s happening elsewhere.

- Sub forum for fan created content.

- Manage the News section to be up to date & post more current “news”.

- Old threads to be instantly deleted after so many days of inactivity.
They kinda already do that anyway, but the time is dependent upon # of new threads being created in that forum. Plus, there are a lot of non-stickied "info" threads that aren't used a lot, but are quite important and should not be deleted.
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