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I know it's been posted a few times but hopefully this will catch the attention of jagex. I think they should release replica god armors, they were the most popular armor when rune was big and I know I'm not the only one who misses them. With the release of replica metal armor, replica metal armors (t) and (g) it just made me miss them even more. Also maybe release replica dragon weapons? like d-dagger, scimitar, etc even though they're not really that good anymore I miss the look of them, and since runescape has turned into fashionscape I think a lot of other people will miss the look of the old weapons too.

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I don't know why this thread hasn't gotten attention. when I heard replica plate armors came out, I got them and immediately searched for sara. and to my disappointment it wasn't there. but I was happy with all of the replica armor still :) replica saradomin, zammy, and guthix would be so nice to have again.... so beautiful <3

EDIT: they could even make a custom out of the new god rune armors with a replica style for Armadyl, Bandos, Ancient! would be pretty cool..
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