where are the retro outfits?

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Sad Pikachu
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Sad Pikachu

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here is a list of the following i believe that is overdue and i am kind of sad it's not been released.

1. retro zamorak/guthix/saradomin (rune)

2. white armour

3. gilded armour

4****-adjusted bandos/armadyl (it's almost good but it feels less finished?)

5. darkbow/crystal bow/whip/

6. upgraded/retro agile outfit (seems less...detailed?)

7. retro task sets (varrock armour for example)

8. slayer helm/neitz helm

9. nex weapons

10. scimitars/2hs

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All I really would like to see is a retro Zaryte bow.

And dark bow didn't receive any graphical updates as far I am aware, ever since release.
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03-Jul-2016 18:14:05

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I would like to see retro D claws.

Off topic but I would like to be able to keepsake my sacred clay mage outfit.. the one that has not been updated so far but it is not possible at the moment and I dont understand why?
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20-Jul-2016 14:52:34

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I want the retro Splitbark armour... ooow wait... that's right, Jagex never reworked the player model for that armour they only did a graph rework (on the 28th of November, 2012) for the NPC that sells the ARMOUR.


3 years - 7 months - 22 days has past still Jagex is to lazy to add the graphical rework for the player GG lazyex
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20-Jul-2016 17:46:26

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