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Kentt said:

Mmh, I'd still argue that in order to please the rest of the retro community, you'd have to make most of the different suggestions, meaning each one would only satisfy a fraction. IMO the biggest retro stuff, those being the old metal armors, godswords and the teleport animation, are already in the game, and the people satisfied with those already might be supporting these others out of sympathy, not actually caring to buy them for themselves should they come out.

Not only that, but I doubt the retro cosmetics bring in that much extra revenue; people demanded them to be buyable with LP, so without a doubt any new ones would be too, and LP doesn't really give Jagex any more money. You get LP from just paying for membership, and it has less use than runecoins. Whether or not more retro things come out, I doubt matters at the end of the day for anyone deciding if they want to keep playing the game or not (what I mean by this is that those people are probably gonna keep paying for membership anyway if they like the game as a whole).
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I wouldn't say that you'd need to make every Retro item that's been suggested, just some of the big ones (Like God Trims, Dragon hides, and minor accessories like the aforementioned Helm of Neitiznot). Even if the Retro community doesn't get exactly what each individual person wants, they'll still be happy to get something that's Retro, and will undoubtedly buy it.

In regards to new Retro items being purchased via Loyalty Points, I'm actually dead set against that. It wouldn't make any sense for Jagex to release new items under Loyalty Points, there's zero profit in it for them. It'd be like if they had released the Privateer Pack for 120,000 Loyalty Points - there's no sense in that. New store items need to be purchased via Runecoins. After about a year, Jagex should evaluate how many people buy items that have been released over the year, and turn the least profitable items into LP purchases.
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