Slay Clan - 85+ Slayer ( V41 )

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Just Erza
Feb Member 2019

Just Erza

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Current RSN:
3rd Erza
Slayer Level:
Combat Level:
Total Level:
What clans have you been a part of previously and what was your reason for leaving?:
I was in Slay clan 3 years ago and quittet and decided to play again ( i played ironman )
What are you trying to gain from joining Slay Clan?
Making Bank with the cc m8s
List some of your current goals:
Maxed Pvm sezup
What are some of your best achievements?:
B2b Bandos tassets
What is your favourite team activity and/or favourite boss?
Bandos raid
Do you consider yourself a mature player?
Im a Beasg
How frequently do you play?
as much as i can :D
What time zone do you live in?:
How did you find us?:
Will you bump our thread when reminded?:
of course
Have you read and understood all of our rules?:
Do you plan on joining our discord channel? This is not a requirement, but is highly advantageous:
yes ofc
Any thoughts, suggestions or feedback for us?:
Current RSN:
Pvm Erza
Slayer Level:
Combat Level:
Please list all the OSRS Clans you have been in.
Slay clan Soul m8s
Please list one of our bossing rules:
Bandos tank gets hilt shard and boots
How did you find us?:
Favorite team activity:

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