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A-YO MAZ, Where you at?

Next time you go on vacation, take me with you ;)

Still looking forward to your reply

Kind Regards,

I am Uub, The Nuub
Slay Clan

31-Jul-2017 21:04:11

Live Blessed

Live Blessed

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Great to Meet you Mod Maz,

11 Years is along time, and way to climb up the ladder, I've always wanted to move to the united kingdom for the sole purpose of working at Jagex Ltd. Just a daydream of mine. Anyways, it sounds like you've accomplished quite a few tasks in your time at Jagex Ltd, and for that much I thank you. I've always wondered how many years the average person working at said company spent studying computer language classes, and I would have to imagine it would be atleast 3-4 years.

For me the Oldschool Development Team was a godsend because for myself, it's difficult to get into the "new" Combat System. It reminds me too much of other MMO Role Playing Games and takes the fun out of the game I used to know and love. I couldn't put up with it, it made me miserable because everything I worked for felt pointless. (Even though everything in this game most definitely is pointless, not to be rude or offensive in any way). When Oldschool came back I was so happy I went out and purchased another laptop to dive right back into the Nostalgia.

As for me, It's all about the Combat and the questing. I like to kill as many things in as little time as I Possibly can, in my first few short weeks I managed to get 50+ Combat and 44 Slayer. I'm going to continue down this path until I Reach the end and then perhaps I will take up a skill. In the meantime, I would like to welcome you with open arms and maybe some time in the future we could hang out, we could just chill and I will attempt to answer any questions you might have, although as this post is a little dated, you've probably received hundreds of these posts, but should you need me I'm there.

Your Friend, Live Blessed.

09-Aug-2017 05:59:03

IM Smelt

IM Smelt

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Hi Mod Maz,

I am the leader of a F2P ironman clan, and my team and I have several suggestions for an improved clan system. Are you still reading this thread? If I get a response I'll be happy to list out our recommendations :)


22-Nov-2017 13:55:33

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Hey Maz/ Runenation squad,

I've been an off and on RS player since about '06 but have had to take breaks for reasons such as school, work, and now to keep the wife happy. Mostly interested in bossing with people *still working on the stats* but I just enjoy the time I play. I love video games but am not all that on top of my tech game. Anyways, hope I can be of help to some people and hopefully some one here can help me get some rare drops.



02-Jan-2018 03:15:13

Mighty Drunk
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Mighty Drunk

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Uub said:

2. Splitting FC and CC isn't a good idea
keep oldschool runescape the way it is FFS thats what people came back for

Kind Regards,


FC and CC should 100% be split. They can't make changes to the FC system without making those changes to RS3 so they would have to remove the FC feature and replace it with a CC feature which it both makes no sense removing content like that from the game but also prevents players from RS3 and OSRS interacting with each other outside of private chat.

Secondly, who are you to decide what is "oldschool runescape"? To me a CC and FC system existing separately is not specifically against the "oldschool runescape" identity.

12-May-2018 09:01:25

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I am lookin to make new OSRS friends upon returning!

I have played OSRS since 2006 and I've returned to it once more! I am over 20 and I'm looking for a mature clan with new players like me who have also started playing. Would be good comparing levels and skilling together, etc. I am based in the UK, so ideally around my timezone.

Add me.



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Hello, I've tried to create a thread within the forum help section, but i cant post a reply.

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Thread title:OSRS Social cc [ World Order ]
Summary of issue: I Would like to change the title to "80+ cmb | Crazy PvM"

25-Nov-2018 18:01:37

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