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For those of you who don't know, Xenia and others helped to create the current 3 adventuring guilds:
- Champion's Guild
- Heroes' Guild
- Legend's Guild
As a way to help coordinate efforts for any crisis, rather than just random luck of the draw of who got there first.

Humor aside, outside of our initiation quests ... we really don't see many crisis coming thru their doors.

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The Champion's Guild

Located just south of Varrock, we find this little guild.
As you come in, the guildmaster always greets you. You might a few fellow adventurers around (assuming they aren't dead .... yet ... )

From in game discussion, we do know that Zanik's entry into the guild required her to also slay a dragon.

Why this?

Well, there are a few possibilities.
1) The Guildmaster may not have had many jobs in the backlog or was reserving them for true Guild members
2) He sends you off to Oziach because he knows Oziach has an extreme fear/hatred of dragons
3) He's lazy
4) He needs to send you on some "test of strength and skill" to make sure you have what it takes to make it into the guild, and Oziach sending you off to kill something stronger than a cow/chicken would be a suitable measuring stick.

I wouldn't be surprised if most of the last few dozen (or hundred or thousand) entries into the guild's book for new members were "killed a dragon"

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The Heroes' Guild

Located in between Taverly and Buthrope, we have this quaint little guild hall.
Outside stands Achietties, willing to give any new entrants a bit of a fetch quest. For 3 items.
For the player character, she requests:
- Ice Queen's Crown
- Master Thief's Armband
- Entrana Firebird Feather

Now it would make sense that again, new entrants would be sent on yet another test of strength, skill, and wit.

But another thing we know about Achietties is that she's something of an orphan. She lost her parents at a young age.

The quest she sends the player char on may seem like a random assortment of items, but in truth, she may have ulterior motives.

- we don't know how her parents died. It's possible that the Black Arm and Phoenix Gangs were involved in her parents' deaths. Thus sending you to get the arm band would mean that you did something to undermine either gang. It's possible she sends multiple potential guild members to do this to thoroughly set back the gangs' operations.

- in herblore and magic, we've seen some rather potent things get used.
Ointment of Balance?
Fear Potion?
Who knows what the juxtaposed Firebird Feather and crown of an ice elemental queen could be used for
Perhaps Achiettes has even deeper needs for tons of these crowns and feathers in an ongoing effort of some kind.

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The Legend's Guild

Currently, the most esteemed of the 3 guilds.
The player character gets sent to map an area that is very remote (due to a Jogre War some ~20 years before) and to bring back a trophy for the guild.
A fairly straight forward request for a new potential recruit with your resume, right?

The trophy for the guild is a bit of a given. Trophy taking is a bit of recurring hobby/theme in adventuring. Who knows what other treasures and mementos are lying around the guild hall.

But, to date, we don't have many in game references to what other adventurers did to get into this guild.
We just know the "Cream of the crop" are supposed to be in here.

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