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I am trying to track down an old account of mine but I do not remember the e-mail for it. Realistically I do not care about the account as much but I want the name associated with it as it is the name I use for all my gaming accounts. So is there a way I can either:

A. Recover the old email by providing the username and any other information from the account I am able to track down or

B. Get that name freed up so I can make a new account using that name.

I wasn't able to find any contact email for Jagex and have been looking for about two hours now for a way to fix this. I know the name isn't a big deal but for someone who suffers from extreme OCD it has a huge bearing on how much I'll actually enjoy playing again.

06-Mar-2019 19:09:51

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Hi there

You need access to the account to be able to remove a display name.
However, if it is years since you last used the account, the name may already have been removed.
Jagex remove display names from inactive accounts and put them back into the name pool.

Check first that the display name is still in use:
* Try to add the name to your friends list.
Does it add?meaning the name is still attached to an account (maybe your account, maybe not)
If it doesn't add it means the name is free to select already

* Check the High Scores, both RS3 and Old School
* Check Runemetrics
If you can see the name in any of the above it means it is currently attached to an account (maybe your account, maybe not)

Selecting the name:
If the name has been removed from an inactive account, you won't be able to put it on a new account. There are conditions about selecting 'released' names.
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06-Mar-2019 22:11:10

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