rule breaking with hacked acc

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im just curious.
I had witnessed a hacked account botting, and advertising RWT sites. and I heard stories it happens not so rarely.

what happens to such accounts when they get cought? is the poor owner going to permanently lose them upon recovery?
is there a way to prove to jagex that their account was hacked and the rule breaking was not their fault?

thankfully this didn't happen to me, but I want to know for all possible future

06-Mar-2019 15:15:59

Skod River
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Skod River

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Hey Ballar69.

Well most of those accounts you see advertising for RWT site's are hijacked accounts.

If those accounts get's banned for macro , then do the owner have a little chance to get their accounts unbanned (this will only happen if there are clear evidence that it was not in control of the Owner).

If they gets banned for any of those offence's their can't be appealed , then do it not matter who committed those things.

So it all depend of what kind of offence they got.

We can lose control of our computer/device and IP if we gets hijacked by a Rat in your system , then will it look like it was done by the Owner and it even happen from his place and computer/device , even to it was done by the Hijacker.
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06-Mar-2019 15:32:21

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