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Hi i went to log in to my account on mobile device and its asking for authenticator code but i never set it up to do so and now i went to deactivate it and it showed that the registered email address is an address that is not mine and it ahould be the same email that i use to log in can anyone help me figure out how to fix this problem Dcarter79705

10-Feb-2019 04:24:58

Ms Toxicity
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Dcarter79705, welcome to the forums. :)

I appreciate that you are seeking assistance but the General forum is not one of the Support forums. As such, I have moved your thread here.

The Aitheniticator - Mobile Device page of the Support Centre may be of assistance. Regarding the incorrect email, I recommend that you read the Trouble with emails start page. It offers a number of common problems with emails.

If you have any further questions, you are welcome to post them here. :)

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Hi Dcarter79705.

First of all, please secure your PC & email account(s) using the advice here:
Security Advice
Keeping your email secure

To change the registered email without access to the current one, you have to recover your Runescape account.

Follow the steps on the second half of this support page. You will need to provide enough information to show that you created the account. If the recovery request is successful, the registered email will be set to the new registered email you put on the recovery form.
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10-Feb-2019 10:55:54

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