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It looks like you are saying you are getting less membership than expected ?

You redeemed a bond for 14 days membership on 28 February, you are a member until 14 March - which is 14 days.

07-Mar-2019 12:28:45

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07-Mar-2019 15:20:06

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07-Mar-2019 18:08:05

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@ Skysunder - This forum is for getting assistance with account issues. It is not for being abusive towards those seeking to help you.

You received the answer to your concern about your remaining membership, yet you continued to post inappropriate and abusive content. For that reason your latest post has been removed and this thread is closed.

Please ensure that any future posts you make are appropriate and respectful. See the Code of Conduct.

Forum issues? ---> See Forum Help
Account issues? ---> See Account Help

07-Mar-2019 20:58:41

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