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Been trying to set up authenticator but when I type code in it says its incorrect everytime so cannot finish the set up process. I am typing the correct code in, in time and my phone is set to the correct time ( it says to check this if sure code is correct). I am using the typed in code rather than scanning the qr thing because I play on mobile and cant scan it with mobile when its on the mobile... I have checked I have typed that in correctly several times as well.
I need to activate it to finish stronghold.

03-Dec-2018 21:59:30

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Dcarter79705, I understand that you were seeking assistance by searching for an existing thread but, if you check the date of the opening post, it was posted last year. As I have since moved your other thread to the Community Led Account Help forum, please use that to continue to seek help. Click the orange text and you will be taken directly to the thread.

So that the help is not fragmented or confusing, this thread is now closed.

10-Feb-2019 04:53:01

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