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3rd of December

Hi and welcome to the
Christmas Countdown Advent-ure

Today is a great day to get creative! We’ve got a screenshot for you and your task for today is
to give us a funny subtitle
for it.

What on earth is happening in the picture?

As with the other creative competitions, your submissions won't be hidden.

Today you can win
one month of membership

The usual
Terms and Conditions

Best of luck!
Mod Meadows.
~RuneScape Community Management.

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TzKal-Zuk is said to have been hatched in an ancient incubation chamber deep in the inferno; in truth, Zuk is an ascended form of Jad, who became a god in complete secrecy.
The Runescape Witcher
|| "Why does he have two swords? Does he lose them often?"

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Its Mine!!! All Mine!!! The False users only tapped the surface of its POWER!!! I shall be the strongest Tz-harr once again and take down all who oppose me!!! On RS3 and OLD SCHOOL!!! MUAHAHAHAHAAA!!!

03-Dec-2018 10:32:19

Jolie Joker
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Jolie Joker

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And there he comes, he strikes, but Jad strikes back and protects the stone as if it's his own egg. Will the opponent defeat the record time of 9 minutes and 11 seconds? He has to come with a plan, other wise he won't make a chance to win the trophy.

03-Dec-2018 10:46:37

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