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Regarding the recent buff/debuff bar changes.

I really like the idea of prioritizing the information displayed. My only critique is that a lot of the items you guys have shown to be on top, are things that can appear and then disappear very quickly. This makes the buff/debuff bar very, very busy. It looks busy that it is difficult to keep track where everything is located on it. I would be happier with it if you could put the things that tend to stick around near the top and front of the bar, while placing things that disappear more quickly toward the end. This way things aren't shifting around constantly. Or, even better, give us a way to set our own priorities with the bar. Add some toggles like "reverse priority" or give us the option to assign "weighting" for the importance of various effects. The weighting would allow everyone to customize the buff/debuff orders to their own liking.

For example: On a scale of 1-10 (10 is highest priority and 1 is lowest priority)

Onslaught weight: 10
Soul Split weight: 9
Overload weight: 8

In the above example, Onslaught would appear first on the Buff bar, as it has a higher weight than any other effect listed. Contrarily, Overload would appear after the other listed effects due to it having a lower weight. (If someone were to assign the same weight value to 2 different effects I would suggest having some way to prioritize one of the two so as to avoid breaking something.)
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