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After playing multiple versions of RS3 mobile and osrs mobile, ive come to some conclusions;

-i'd like an option to split the ribbon, just like it is in OSRS mobile. There is place for these buttons on the left which could be useful especially in combat. Could be added in as a legacy interface.
-Overall it runs great on Oneplus 3T, but i cannot help but feel like previous versions of the beta i've played, the ones without the mobile interface (has normal pc interface) had run wayyy better and I could run max settings without any problem. Nowadays i experience massive frame drops a populated areas such as priff and GE.
-Buttons are a bit too small to click, and sometimes i end up pressing some other button or wlk into unintended areas.
-Bank needs to be changed a bit so that the inventory during the bank interface is bigger. Currently when i bank, my inventory shows 2 slots per row, which is wayy too small. There is a lot of unused screenspace, the 'black area' around the bank window should be used in order to move the bank window to the left, allowing space for a bigger inventory screen.
-Hold tap (right click) never works as intended for me, I always end up dragging the item or clicking a button on the pop up window as it opens up wayy to quickly, or it never opens.
-Items with long names make hold clicking very awkward as if the name of the item is soo long, it makes the pop up window longer, and makes you have to scroll down to access some features. (Such as withdraw all but one item text may be too long for the screen)

Hope these can be looked into and i hope I was of some help!

20-May-2019 14:29:19

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