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I've been playing RS Mobile again with my new HCIM account. Since the first stages of the beta I tried, this version seems much more stable. I mainly use RS mobile for skilling on-the-go, as I did with OSRS mobile.

After playing both OSRS and RS mobile, I do feel as though OSRS mobile is much more fleshed out. I think this is due to the fact that RS just has sooo many more buttons and options that seem like they're all fighting for space on the screen. I think "splitting the ribbon" as some have suggested here, is a great idea.

The only other thing for me as a skiller is the bank window. I always miss-click (miss-tap?) the "deposit all" box while trying to empty an inventory of logs or ores into my bank. Perhaps the bank re-work will fix this? I had the same issue with OSRS until I started using preset bank options that allowed me to deposit a set amount of whatever I click on from my inventory. So for example I'd have it set to "All" and I would simply click a log in my inventory and all of them would deposit into the bank.

For now that's my feedback based on my limited experience with RS Mobile. I love the way it's turning out but I'm not sure I'd do anything really "serious" on it such as Bossing or PvP. Not that you can't do those things, but I'd be far too scared of "fat-fingering" something and getting myself killed. ;)

28-May-2019 18:36:00

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