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After playing multiple versions of RS3 mobile and osrs mobile, ive come to some conclusions;

-i'd like an option to split the ribbon, just like it is in OSRS mobile. There is place for these buttons on the left which could be useful especially in combat. Could be added in as a legacy interface.
-Overall it runs great on Oneplus 3T, but i cannot help but feel like previous versions of the beta i've played, the ones without the mobile interface (has normal pc interface) had run wayyy better and I could run max settings without any problem. Nowadays i experience massive frame drops a populated areas such as priff and GE.
-Buttons are a bit too small to click, and sometimes i end up pressing some other button or wlk into unintended areas.
-Bank needs to be changed a bit so that the inventory during the bank interface is bigger. Currently when i bank, my inventory shows 2 slots per row, which is wayy too small. There is a lot of unused screenspace, the 'black area' around the bank window should be used in order to move the bank window to the left, allowing space for a bigger inventory screen.
-Hold tap (right click) never works as intended for me, I always end up dragging the item or clicking a button on the pop up window as it opens up wayy to quickly, or it never opens.
-Items with long names make hold clicking very awkward as if the name of the item is soo long, it makes the pop up window longer, and makes you have to scroll down to access some features. (Such as withdraw all but one item text may be too long for the screen)

Hope these can be looked into and i hope I was of some help!

20-May-2019 14:29:19

Aiwendil Mai
Nov Member 2017

Aiwendil Mai

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This is post is regarding Slayer kill count down.

I am an avid slayer and what I love is that on the PC client, there is a kills left window. I would like to suggest putting one in the mobile. If there is one, I don't know how to bring it up. If there isn't one, may I suggest that one is implemented? Currently I have to keep a Slayer gem with me if using slayer masks.

Thanks JMods and keep up the work!
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25-May-2019 03:02:53

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I've been playing RS Mobile again with my new HCIM account. Since the first stages of the beta I tried, this version seems much more stable. I mainly use RS mobile for skilling on-the-go, as I did with OSRS mobile.

After playing both OSRS and RS mobile, I do feel as though OSRS mobile is much more fleshed out. I think this is due to the fact that RS just has sooo many more buttons and options that seem like they're all fighting for space on the screen. I think "splitting the ribbon" as some have suggested here, is a great idea.

The only other thing for me as a skiller is the bank window. I always miss-click (miss-tap?) the "deposit all" box while trying to empty an inventory of logs or ores into my bank. Perhaps the bank re-work will fix this? I had the same issue with OSRS until I started using preset bank options that allowed me to deposit a set amount of whatever I click on from my inventory. So for example I'd have it set to "All" and I would simply click a log in my inventory and all of them would deposit into the bank.

For now that's my feedback based on my limited experience with RS Mobile. I love the way it's turning out but I'm not sure I'd do anything really "serious" on it such as Bossing or PvP. Not that you can't do those things, but I'd be far too scared of "fat-fingering" something and getting myself killed. ;)

28-May-2019 18:36:00

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Some of these have probably already been mentioned, but:

Skill Tiles could be re-sized, as theres a lot of dead space
Scroll bars could be widened to allow those of us with fatter fingers to interact with them.
Several interface items (Dungeoneering map, Pit timer, chat box, etc...) should be resizeable or moveable.
Pressing on loot then picking items out of a stack without opening a loot window would be helpful.
Certain quests, activities, and minigames with fairly stringent timing requirements may need to be looked at as things have a tendency to move slower on mobile. (Evil Dave's Big Day Out, safecracking, any boss that practically mandates precise prayer switching)

I'll probably add to this once I've had more time to mess around with the action bars.

But so its not entirely a gripe fest. Love whats been done so far and hope you guys keep it up!

29-May-2019 00:57:49

x Wings
Sep Gold Premier Club Member 2018

x Wings

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Would we be able to add a toggle to have "one-tap" options for items on an ability bar?

At the moment I'm trying to do Menaphos fishing on mobile and use the action bar to drop the fish, similar to how it would be done with hotkeys on desktop. Issue is, an item tapped on the action bar brings up the item's right-click menu.

Hopefully this isn't too much work to add!

30-May-2019 07:31:02

RR Zephyros
Aug Gold Premier Club Member 2018

RR Zephyros

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When buying from shops the scroll bar could be bigger/display all options. (Especially when the item is at the top of the shop)
I accidentally mistapped buy "all" instead of "500" when scrolling at the bak tips store and emptied my cash pouch buying 269k tips..

11-Jun-2019 02:00:53

Jun Member 2019


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Is there any current plan to make the early access into an Open Beta Test?

There are many potential users who would like to alternate between computer and mobile, myself included, and I would prefer to download the app from a verified store such as Google, rather than obtaining it via a third party app site (which to my friend's report is working exactly in the same way, so an official release would be a wise idea).

12-Jun-2019 10:47:30 - Last edited on 12-Jun-2019 10:48:41 by Vapula

Poet of Ages
May Member 2019

Poet of Ages

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Regarding the recent buff/debuff bar changes.

I really like the idea of prioritizing the information displayed. My only critique is that a lot of the items you guys have shown to be on top, are things that can appear and then disappear very quickly. This makes the buff/debuff bar very, very busy. It looks busy that it is difficult to keep track where everything is located on it. I would be happier with it if you could put the things that tend to stick around near the top and front of the bar, while placing things that disappear more quickly toward the end. This way things aren't shifting around constantly. Or, even better, give us a way to set our own priorities with the bar. Add some toggles like "reverse priority" or give us the option to assign "weighting" for the importance of various effects. The weighting would allow everyone to customize the buff/debuff orders to their own liking.

For example: On a scale of 1-10 (10 is highest priority and 1 is lowest priority)

Onslaught weight: 10
Soul Split weight: 9
Overload weight: 8

In the above example, Onslaught would appear first on the Buff bar, as it has a higher weight than any other effect listed. Contrarily, Overload would appear after the other listed effects due to it having a lower weight. (If someone were to assign the same weight value to 2 different effects I would suggest having some way to prioritize one of the two so as to avoid breaking something.)
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13-Jun-2019 05:35:30

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banking is abysmal. Its nigh impossible to put an item in-between two slots. For example I was unequipped my skilling outfit, and accidently withdrew a random piece. I wanted to put it back into order where it was next to the others in the set and I had to hop in a computer to fix it. I tried to do it on mobile but I kept on messing it up. Having to exit the bank to unequip something is bearable but this kinda lack of bank management is really annoying.

15-Jun-2019 23:46:02

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