Using a mouse with RS3 Mobile

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I connected my bluetooth mouse to my S9 and it didn't work. I then downloaded a program called "Octopus" that emulates a gamecontroller, essentially enabling the mouse as a touch screen.

Is this a bannable offense? Will uninstall it immediately if it's against ToS.

05-Mar-2019 18:49:47

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Meduke said:
Hi, I'm a returning player for rs3 and osrs mobile.

Well, just confirmed that octopus isn't allowed on rs3 mobile as I just got banned for using it on my samsung dex on another account. Not sure about osrs, but I'm assuming it's the same.

Really pisses me off that you can't use a mouse on the the mobile app, and when you use another application that allows you to use a mouse and keyboard with runescape mobile, you just get banned right after.

29-May-2019 14:19:02

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