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Dec Member 2017


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hi i no longer have a mini map on my runescape beta app for andriod not sure why but it makes it kinda hard to run long distances and is kind of annoying dont know what i need to do to get it back please let me know thank you:)

25-Mar-2019 10:11:54

May Member 2019


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I now get disconnected the second I switch tabs or anything and have to completely vlose and reopen the game. This totally screws every mobile player from doing anything but staring at the screen non-stop

20-May-2019 22:16:54

Jan Gold Premier Club Member 2012


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I have a problem where I can't download the rs3 mobile app. I am a tester (due to attending runefest), when I press to download the game via the play store on my pc I have the option to install but after I press install it stays in the loading circle and on my phone, it has no option to install just says early access is full space may open up later.

23-May-2019 08:35:25

Jan Member 2018


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Hi I amean a beta tester, and ever since the updates I can't play rs3. I keep Uninstallin and installing the app. Stupid updates bring me back to Google play to open it again someone lzhelp.

13-Jun-2019 00:32:24

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