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Overall the app has a "finished" feel to it. The game runs as expected and overall is very nice. I have done everything from skilking, combat, quests and even some boss content. Some changes that should be made is as follows. All gameplay was done with a Google Pixel 3 XL.
-1 Tap Gameplay does not work with a lot of "out of inventory items." It is hard to find what type of fishing node is available since clicking on a node with 1 tap enable just acts as though you left click it. Doors in Barrows is another instance where tapping is considered a left click. Tweek the option so that it is always considered a right click would vastly improve gameplay.
-Combat is ok but that app lacks information. Currently there is no "HUD" as in you cannot see actual HP or summoning points. Only way to determine prayer points is to actually open the prayer tab. App needs the information displayed around ability bar like it is in the pc version, or at least maybe around the mini map like it used to be? Also it may be confusing to newer players with how the current ability usage is designed. I like that buttons on the left and right thats ok, but having those displayed means nothing in actual combat is the bottom, tiny action bar isnt the same as those, from a revolution stand point. I.E. say action bar 3 is ranged. The larger ability buttons on sides of displayed is set to action bar 3, and your using revolution. If the main bar, at the very bottom, is on action bar 2 which is mage you will not automatically use abilities. I figured it out relatively quickly, but to new players that may be confusing.
-Inventory management needs some work, its fine the way it is but could be polished some. Currently its semi had to move items in your inventory. Tap and hold for x amount of time then drag will move things, but at the same time tap and hold for just a fraction longer causes a right click option.
-I'm out of characters for this thread. Overall very nice job Jagex I think it will do nicely

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