A Long Time Ago ...

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For many years, a small indian village had been mistreated by a great fire breathing dragon. All the villages were too scared to even leave their houses at night, that was except for a young man named Urkake.

Urkake was a fearless fighter who swore to the village that he would slay the dragon before their very eyes!

The following night the dragon appeared. This time the villages filed out of their homes as Urkake made his stand. Swish Swoosh Ching Clank Oof Reawwww.

There it lay. As useless as a catapult. Slain by the great Urkake. The day was celebrated in his honour and every year when it came around the villagers would worship his name.

Over the years the memory of Urkake faded and only a few people remembered the great feat he had achieved.

If you look around today you will probably find that nobody cares if its Urkake day.

24-Feb-2019 13:52:27

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