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My lord zaros, i don't know if you can hear me, in fact i don't even know if you care
but it's time i told you everything. i sit here alone staring over the rails of the beautiful elf city. its more magnificent than i could imagine. i stand here a fallen angel, disgraced and without a purpose.

Orders that use to come once a day now come to me no longer. this concept of freedom is still so very new and i am still not sure what to do with it. things were simpler, angels as you know are soldiers, we are warriors and we are meant to follow orders without question or hesitation.

i have spent the last few days smiting every evil thing that roams this land the humans call runescape.
my wings have blackened over the last few days, most likely the result of me being cut off from the other angels and home,
and my heart aches with a longing to return to your side and stand within your presence.

i wish with every fiber of my being that i could return home but sadly i am cast out and am now called Angels Mercy the fallen. it is lonley here but prehaps i should start from the beginning. let me tell you now my lord how i fell and why the other angels cast me out.

let me tell you my story.

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after the great rift in which many other Angels were cast out i returned to what the humans refer to as the "citadel". mere words cannot describe the joy i feel every time i gaze upon its beauty. after so much conflict, after so much anger and hatred, my heart swelled with joy as i returned to my favorite spot within the citadel. As i sat near the fountain i reflected upon all that had happened
in the last few months. i love my brothers and sisters and it broke my heart to have to smite them. the archangels however had commanded
their slaughter and who was i to question their orders?

I am an angel after all and i am loyal and i obey my superiors. i have never been overly fond of the archangels. they seem to live in a different reality and their fighting makes me oh so weary. there was one though who i was happy
to serve. she was not like the rest.

she was strong and kind but when angered her wrath rivaled that of zamorak himself. she was always very kind to me and i adored her so very much.
at one point i even designed an outfit that was similer to hers in almost every way. i still have it locked away in my wardrobe. a reminder of what i have
lost. as i sat there reflecting i listened in on my garrison's network. angels as you know are split into garrisons that humans call "clans". as i listened in
upon the network humans reffered to as *clan chat* i heard things that chilled me to my core. i heard her speaking to the rest of the garrison but her words
were not as they usually were. they were full of malice and anger over the attrocities that the Fallen angels had commited. i had always known she had
a temper but this frightened me deeply. i attempted to speak to her and to soothe her rage by telling her that it was over and that i would always be there for her
and there was no need for such anger. she seemed to calm but despite her apparent calm i still felt uneasy.

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many weeks passed and the seasons changed. all the while i observed her quietly. what i saw tore at my insides. there was more talk of the fallen, and talk
of how her power was unmatched. i knew she was strong, she was what the others called a "comper". a few weeks later as i was slaying foul beasts down on
the human world runescape i came across many treasures that while worthless to myself, would i knew be most valuable to others. after the last demon fell
beneath the onslaught of my drygores i took all the treasure they dropped and put them away to give to the ones the other angels called "noobs".
i stored many things from gold and silver, to rune scimitars, rune chain bodies, rune helms and so much more.i was overjoyed at the thought of
after so much chaos and war, being able to give and spread some cheer and help those less fortunate than myself. i was sure she would approve.

i couldn't have been more wrong.

after mentioning it to her over the garrisons network i was shocked when she forbade this act of charity. she stated
that the weak should fend for themselves and didn't deserve such gifts and that they should be left to suffer. as much as i loved her i argued that
the treasures meant nothing to me and that surley there was no harm in this charitable act. She forbade me once more and demanded i hoard the treasure for the garrison.

The malice in her voice frightened me but against every instinct i pushed onwards pleading for her see that there was no harm in this act.
i am not ashamed to say that my big sister knocked me into next week. fearing for my safety i fled and never looked back. tears flowed from my eyes as i fled in fear of her. i fled the garrison and became what the humans call "clanless".

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it is so cold here and i miss my home so very much. what i wouldn't give to hear the voice of one of my fellow angels. Most of all i miss my big sister. i would do anything to be rid of this demon and have my loving sister back. sadly now i have no choice and here on runescape i remain.

in my heart i feel that i was not wrong but if i was right then why does it hurt so much? now my lord you know everything. please my lord am i doing the right thing? if you don't tell me then i don't know what i'll do. all i know is that i miss my home and i miss my big sister so much. thanks for listening to me father. i hope you hear this and guide me along the right path. i don't know what to do with this concept of freedom. To be frank it scares me but i know you won't abandon me. please help me but most of all help her.

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