Lost in Translation

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The party traveled thru the jungle for weeks before coming upon their destination: a long abandoned temple.
They cautiously entered with torches lit, on alert for whatever may still lurk. Fiendish traps, snakes, and a few wrong turns were all that was in their way ... until ... they came across an archway leading into a seemingly endless abyss.

For hours their archaeologist looked over the ancient tablet, deciphering as best he could.
In the end, all he could translate was a curse "abandon all hope to avoid the fall".
The rest of the party thought it was a standard ominous message to try and scare away the superstitious fools.
They gathered their gear and proceeded into the darkness.
They discovered a thin stone walkway that went the length of the chamber, with the same wording repeatedly etched onto the rock.
They all smiled and laughed and continued on their way.

They barely made it halfway across the walkway before one of them fell.
One team member tried to grab their falling companion, but it was too late. Like dominoes, they each quickly fell off and into the void.

As they fell into the abyss, the archaeologist realized his mistake: the used the southern dialect of the language. The translation was really "abandon all rope".
Each careless member of the party was carrying a coil of rope.

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