A Frustrated Noob's Tale

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sir eos lee

sir eos lee

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A noob walked into the world for the first time.
They had no idea what to do so they asked the nearest person for help.
The great adventurer clad in the shiny flaming armor of awesomeness said "Go Away Noob. I'm too cool to help you."
Confused and rejected, the noob meekly asked another nearby person to help.
The nice adventurer clad in the gear of somewhat coolness replied "Uhm, ok, how do you need help?"
"How do I do stuff?" the poor noob asked.
"What sort of 'stuff'?"
"You know, stuff."
"You mean combat? Skilling? Making money? how to get somewhere?"
"Yes. That."
The nice adventurer did what he could to explain the basics, but the noob asked a very generic and broad question.
"OK, so I guess that's the basics ... anything else?" the adventurer asked one last time.
"Yes. How do I make money?"
Despondent, the adventurer wanted to move on to other things rather than answer questions all day ... "Just go out, find stuff, and either sell it to a store or the Grand Exchange. It's not that complicated." He pointed to a map to show where the GE and a store were. And with that, the adventurer went on his way.
The **** now with a sense of purpose and a smile on his face looked around and asked "now ... where am I?"

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